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182 views 3 pages ~ 739 words
Bianca Bosker - The Binge Breaker

Journalist, author, and former senior tech editor at Huffington Post, Bianca Bosker also writes. She is one of the most ...

296 views 2 pages ~ 367 words

The New York Times piece by Neil Irwin is headed ""How Trump Might Repair the Complicated US-Chinese Economic Partnershi...

85 views 3 pages ~ 586 words
Newspaper Blog About Sociology of Food And Eating

In his post "Relax, You Don't Need to 'Eat Clean,'" Aaron E. Carroll expresses his opinion on why we should abandon the ...

146 views 2 pages ~ 369 words
Scientists issue warning to humanity

Bambury's report echoes scientists' warnings that humans should avoid killing the world because it would have a negative...

260 views 3 pages ~ 589 words
facts that are misstating

Since reading Fountain and Wong's report in the New York Times, I believe that the penalty the perpetrator got was suffi...

191 views 5 pages ~ 1183 words
Social Media Impact on Society

The editor describes the topic of social media and the effect it has had on online engagement and how humans view intera...

285 views 3 pages ~ 815 words
sources engaging

The primary goal of this paper is to compose an article in response to an editorial in a major newspaper such as the New...

101 views 4 pages ~ 1003 words
Tectonic Plate Movements

Plate tectonics is a scientific theory that explains how the earth's plates move and grind together. According to the id...

289 views 6 pages ~ 1432 words
The New York Times

The article in the New York Times by a law professor from the University of Colorado poses a range of views and concerns...

105 views 4 pages ~ 846 words
White Working Class.

Establishment leaders, writers, and academics have supplied misguided information about the middle class in America for ...

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