Scientists issue warning to humanity

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Bambury's report echoes scientists' warnings that humans should avoid killing the world because it would have a negative impact on their life. According to the paper, humans are guardians of the planet Earth, and destroying it would cause them suffering. Furthermore, the report criticizes humans, describing them as a race that may drive all types of life off the earth. The article by Fish describes the challenge of coordinating activities that ensure the accomplishment of a task. Since the work has limited time as well as multiple and shifting components, the performance of the person organizing the task is significantly affected. The article asserts that there is a need for a proper organization which will enable an individual to have ample time to perform the different tasks. The article claims that proper time management is a primary component of appropriate coordination.

"Kiosk Marketplace | Kiosk Marketplace." Kioskmarketplace.Com, 2017,

A survey carried out by “Kiosk Marketplace” found out the clients always require an efficient service. Besides, consumers need a service that if not only efficient but also cost effective. According to the survey, consumers need to feel that they have privacy and control while conducting their activities.

Tulsky, Rick, Shaila Dewan, and Andrew Rossback. "23 Years For Murder. He Didn’t Do It. What Went Wrong?" 2017. Web. 21 Nov. 2017.

Tulsky, Dewan, and Rossback evaluate the conviction of Lamonte McIntyre on account of the double murder in 1994. The authors state that it was a case of mistaken identity and the suspect was not involved in the death of the two individuals in Kansas City. According to the article, it is possible that detective Golubski who was handling had a revenge-motive because Lamonte’s mother did not yield to his sexual demands. The article concludes that the case was not appropriately handled hence the wrong person was convicted.

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Tulsky, Rick, Shaila Dewan, and Andrew Rossback. "23 Years For Murder. He Didn’t Do It. What Went Wrong?" 2017. Web. 21 Nov. 2017

November 03, 2022

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