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164 views 8 pages ~ 2110 words
How Does Peer Pressure Affect Educational Investments?

Leonardo Bursztyn and Robert Jensen recently conducted research to determine the impact peer pressure has on educational...

228 views 3 pages ~ 815 words
Appeal to my academic disqualification

I'm writing to challenge the academic expulsion I was recently given from the University of Southern California. I concu...

172 views 4 pages ~ 835 words
My favorite subjects Math, Chemistry, and Physics

My favorite subjects have always been math, chemistry, and physics, and I have equally loved each of them throughout my ...

182 views 4 pages ~ 936 words
The performance of schools in the U.S

Gang membership among students in the US has an impact on how well schools function. The presence of criminals in Americ...

244 views 5 pages ~ 1145 words
Reasons for choosing Engineering

I would like to explain why I decided on engineering over all other options. My fascination with and attachment to the o...

213 views 6 pages ~ 1415 words
Mental Health and Resilience of student

In general, resilience is the capacity to bounce back swiftly from adversity thanks to a demonstration of resolve and wi...

67 views 5 pages ~ 1218 words
Effects of Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement

By combining the findings of a meta-analysis, the paper Effects of Parental Involvement on Academic success: a Meta-Synt...

203 views 2 pages ~ 534 words
Montgomery Achievement Award/ Fundraiser for a Uplift a child International Inc.

For several years, the Maryland Social Service Club has recognized their students' outstanding accomplishment each year....

283 views 8 pages ~ 2074 words
The common core state

States have embraced the common core state standard mode of instruction in order to improve student performance in schoo...

69 views 2 pages ~ 430 words
The Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT)

The Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT) is an important reading assessment instrument that helps teachers measure children' re...

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