The Role of My College Experience in Preparing Me for My Nursing Career

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Preparation for Career Goals

Since I joined college, I have gained significant experience which I am confident it will help me attain my career goals. Whereas in my first semester I did not recognize the importance of certain events or people, now I acknowledge their critical role in laying a solid foundation for my future profession. As an illustration, group work that our professors emphasize teaches me fundamental skills related to working as one unit toward achieving a particular objective. The type of teamwork I experience in school has introduced various skills that would be valuable later in my career, including communication and collaboration. What is more, different types of assignments that I complete teach me that after I graduate, I need to maintain high levels of discipline, sacrifice and determination if I wish to achieve my goals. Therefore, my college experience plays a central role in preparing me for my career by teaching me the importance of teamwork and commitment to duty.

Development of Research Skills

Correspondingly, my college experience instills in me the desire to gain essential research skills that would be vital in my nursing career. Since my first semester, our tutors have encouraged students to learn how to conduct in-depth research regarding different subjects and issues. This experience has taught me the significance of understanding issues and problems deeply to offer appropriate solutions or provide recommendations. Indeed, the practice would enable me to join a group of nurses who conduct studies that aim at informing evidence-based practices (EBP) to improve health care. Learning how to carry out research would also allow me to develop a keen understanding of different problems that patients face and recommend solutions to them. In addition to developing research skills, my interaction with fellow students and college management helps me to learn and practise social skills that would enable me to interact well with different people in my future workplaces. Hence, conducting research and relating socially in school prepares me to participate actively in discovering solutions that relate to my career and interrelate effectively with various individuals after my graduation.

October 24, 2023
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