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250 views 7 pages ~ 1817 words
Dystopian art in the 20th century

Raymond Williams was a defender of the field of cultural studies. He contended that the portrayal of culture as social t...

136 views 4 pages ~ 1096 words
Evolution of Dystopia Essay

Dystopia has been used to draw on politics since the nineteenth century. In 1921, Yevgeny Zamyatin published We, a dysto...

15 views 1 pages ~ 500 words
Divergent Book Review

In this dystopian YA novel, a young woman named Tris Prior lives in a future world, where society is divided into five factions. Tris joins the ...

542 views 3 pages ~ 721 words
I, Robot Movie Review

Despite a good cast, this movie is a failure. The script was bad, the robots are boring, and the characters are not interesting. This movie is j...

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