Demna Gvasalia (designer of vetements and balanciaga)

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The art of applying designs to garments and accessories is known as fashion design. It is primarily impacted by the people's culture. For a very long time, fashion has undergone change. To create the ideal necklaces and chains, good fashion designers must put in a lot of effort, precision, and imagination. While creating apparel, changes must be taken into account. Due to a lot of time needed to bring attire onto the market, a good designer has to see beyond his eyes by anticipating changes in the market. Demna Gvasalia born in the year 1982 is a designer from Georgia who studied at the royal Academy of fine arts in Antwerp in Belgium. He was the lead designer in both Maison Martin Margiela and Louis Vuitton. Owing to his hard work and determination he was recently appointed as the head of designer of balanciaga. He has some shares in Veterment where he also works with other designers. He works for two and half hours in both companies. He has a brother, Guram Gvasalia, who has also been incorporated in the fashion industry.

A trend in fashion is never static, it is always on motion, and it is always awake almost every time we go to sleep. This change can be attributed to the availability of skilled fashion designers, who are still competing to satisfy the needs of the people. Several fashion designers have contributed immensely to the change in the trends in the fashion industry. Such designers include Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Ralph Lauren. Their contributions may be associated with the economic progress as they employ so many people.

The photo below: Shows Demna Gvasalia


What is vetements?

The name comes from a French word that means clothes. The name had been coined to hide the identity of the masterminds but it has stuck to date. This label was designed by seven designers whose identities remain anonymous due to their commitment to other fashion house. The idea behind the name was that the customers would try and look beyond the branding that encompasses the fashion world. The label has been a great success for Demna Gvasalia since he was one of the primary designers of that product. The label was founded as a creative collective by seven designers who initially remained anonymous because of contractual commitments elsewhere. Mr. Gvasalia only stepped out of the shadows, taking his place at the creative helm, late last year, although a strong collaborative ethos continues to pervade the studio. It is Demna’s brother, Guram who is in charge of the commercial sale business. He is seen as the mastermind behind the highly talked about brands in fashion world.

The photo below shows a sample from Vements collection.



How fashion creation defines social and gender roles:

A person’s physical appearance will define ones sexuality (Michelman, Pp.165). Demna Gvasalia has tried to come up with trends that are trans-gender. The rationale behind this trend is that the shopping habit of man cannot be differentiated from their female counterparts. An observation by Demna was that some male customers would walk into the store and buy an item that was not created for the males.

The creation of this trend has helped so many people who did not have an ability to discern between a female blouse and a male shirt.

The photo below shows a unisex jacket donned by both genders


The link below is a video that is advocating for a society free from fashion that is based on gender

Fashion can be used as a mirror of reflection of the social, economic and political change. The industries that manufacture luxury no-longer put their emphasis on quality, but rather the focus is on the quantity. More so these products do not sell as a product but rather as a brand. The rich owners of these manufacturing companies are very hungry at recruiting young people who are able to perform. The young generation will give a modern age touch to the products being produced currently. The Hiring of promising young designers such as Demna ensures that sales are boosted.

The fashion trends are studied and adhered to by both the consumers and the manufacturers. The designs put forward are to ensure the demand is sustained. The high demand of goods is met by employing technology that improves on the same ideas on designs. In addition to the application of technology, flexibility is availed for both distribution and production systems thus ensuring that there is prompt response to the quick turnover of trends. This will ensure that brands pocket a lot of money while the consumer loses.

Fashion is a powerful non-verbal indicator of political and religious beliefs. There are various uses of clothes associated with religion. For instance the Muslim community has special clothes that they wear such as hijabs, ayatul-kursi pendants, tasbihs and prayer beads. Another example can be derived from a political perspective in which individuals can convey a message about beliefs or affiliation through their modes of dressing and colors.

Finally it is worth noting that, young designers are becoming more popular and their demand is growing due to the desperate need of innovative and skilled personnel. The investors who own retail shops try to maximise the market niche by ensuring that new trend fashion designs are produced more often to the society.

How designer's use color, textures, and style to communicate their social values

Social value is the monetary and non-monetary impacts of organization which include the wellbeing of persons and societies. Demna Gvasalia is always using bright and unfiltered cobalt shade. He does this since it pairs perfectly well with the new logo developed for Balenciaga’s. It is wise for a good designer to be able to mix colors so as to come up with a perfect match (Daly, 343). Demna Gvasalia received an award for his immense work that he has contributed to both companies that he had worked for. He received the CFDA’s International Award which is a prestigious award given to designers. He tries to make his designs by redefining the expectations of Balenciaga’s making them look not only reverential but also interesting. The creation of Gvasalia is vibrant and at other times the colors that he applies are blinding. Also, there are different textures that belong to the women exclusively. For instance the silk texture is commonly used to create trends that are mostly worn by the women. Men prefer to wear woollen cloths or cotton, this is because such textile are perceived to be masculine.

Demna has great affection for strange colors, this can be seen from his introduction of several colors that did not exist in the Balenciaga collection. The colors that were introduced include red, cobalt parka, royal blue and finally, pea green. Demna believes that bright colors are associated with moods. Furthermore, the combination of contrasting colors together with bright colors is unique and interesting and it is also appealing to the eyes of the targeted people or customers. This trend is rising and we are certain that the bright colors will be the new favourite in the CFDA fashion awards. In addition, Demna believes that certain colors belong to certain genders, for instance he believes that color pink belongs to the females while some of the dark colors belong to the gentlemen.

A picture showing how Demna uses color to define gender


Ways in which designers represent their works

Demna Gvasalia uses several platforms to enable his consumers to view his products. He uses fashion shows, galleries, exhibitions and the social Medias such as Instagram and Facebook. This platform have truly given Demna Gvasalia a lot of support in his daily activities. The innovative designer has also resorted to use celebrities in order to sell his merchandise, for instance he is a very close friend of Kanye west. Furthermore, the fashion powerhouse uses several magazines and fashion articles to publicise their new trends. An example of such a magazine is Vogue which is a key profile magazine in the celebrity setting. Vogue magazine only features well established fashion houses such as Luis Vuitton, ralph Lauren and Gucci.


Demna Gvasalia has played a very critical role in revolutionizing fashion of the 21st century. He has come up with ideas that have improved the fashion industry in the world, for instance, the introduction of a transsexual fashion has helped in the eradication of discrimination on the basis of the mode of dressing. It is also important to note that the renowned designer has risen through ranks so as to reach where he is. Handwork and determination runs deep in his system. The most inspiring trait about Demna Gvasalia is that he does not use the perfect models on his runways but instead he uses the reality in showcasing his talent. Finally, if we wish to attain gender equality in the society, the gender biased clothes in our social setting should be banned (Michelman, Pp.167)

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April 13, 2023

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