Diesel's Collaboration Opportunity with adidas

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This paper introduces a theorized collaboration opportunity for Diesel. It starts with a wider introduction of the global fashion market and its state.

This is followed by an exploration of Diesel’s competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. A positioning map is used to demonstrate the brands’ standing amongst its competitors.

There is a thorough analysis of the political, economic and social-technical factors influencing the brand in the UK, where political and economic volatilities have hampered sales and contributed to a state of uncertainty. England’s withdrawal from the European Union saw a lot of investor fear and consumer anxiety. It never bodes well for the industry when investors are not backing manufacturing and consumers are afraid to spend frequently. General market revenue in 2017 within the UK was therefore artificially boosted by high inflation rates.

Technology is also positioned to continue being a key factor in influencing customer buying habits. Ecommerce has become a phenomenon and brought service access to the doorsteps of consumers and in turn, intensified the already competitive apparel market within the UK.

A collaborative effort is suggested between Diesel and adidas, leveraging their authority in sports and celebrity marketing. This coupled with their interest in wellness and fitness bodes well with Diesels’ intention to cater for the vegan market segment. Adidas would also provide Diesel with access to a younger demographic that it caters to with medium priced products.

September 18, 2023

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