The Impact of Cell phones

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The Impact of Cell Phones on Daily Life

The cell phone was introduced in the early 1990s, and it has since been one of the greatest inventions of all time. Cell phones became more common, and people started to use them in their daily lives (Katz 129).

The Evolution of Cell Phones

Using a cell phone is now a requirement rather than a privilege, as it once was. When firms first began selling mobile phones, they were only available to a select number of individuals, owing to the high cost of purchasing them. The price fell with time, and more people could buy them. The cell phone so far is an invention that has changed the life style of individuals through negative and positive influences depending on their culture. It is becoming harder to imagine our life without cell phones because currently, work is done with these devices. Everything that has its pros also has adverse effects.

Positive Influence of Cell Phones

The first and most important point of mobile phones is communication. With cell phones, you can be able to communicate and reach out to people by sending out messages, calls, etc. Nowadays, these devices are made smaller and lighter in size which has made it easier to carry. One does not need to sit beside it as it is not attached to anything. Mobile phones have also been used in cultures in a way that when men and women were forbidden from speaking directly in public, cell phones allowed them to speak freely (Katz 155).

Studies have also shown that young people speak more often to their parents through mobile phones due to the advent of the distance (Brujin 47). Their Communication is via the internet since they have the ability to check into websites such as Facebook, where they can also send photos thus removing the requirement for words that convey responses, locations, and feelings. Mobile phones have become vital tools for traders and consumers, by allowing them to obtain information about their products of interest, searching for discounts which save costs since they buy products straight from their devices. Mobile commerce is also growing at a very high rate because it allows businesses to engage with their target audiences in new and exciting ways thus making potential clients. Cell phones have opened up unique opportunities for companies and the need for personalized communication has also grown since mobile phones have become an essential device.

Advancements in Cell Phone Technology

The modern way of using cell phones can also be reflected in the recent use of NFC technology to make payments. Information such as changes in market conditions including price drops, deliveries, availability of products, can be acquired through push notifications on mobile phones. Life can be complicated without any form of entertainment in it, but thanks to cell phones we can have entertainment while on the go (Yan 29). Recent innovations in the mobile phone sector have seen imposing features relating to television thus making manufacturers know the importance and the demand of being entertained in today’s world.

Negative Impact of Cell Phones

When considering emergency situations where we want to talk to a friend, relative or anybody else, mobile phones act as valuable tools in such circumstances. People are always faced with emergencies in which cell phones have helped them because it quickly comprehends their role in such situations. Students and the young have become addicted to mobile phones because most of the time they can be seen chatting, or playing games, or even talking to friends through their devices. This is one of the reasons why they don’t have enough time for their studies. As a matter of fact, the young people are more interested in spending their time on cell phones, rather than spend it on studies.

One of the greatest controversies with mobile phone usage is the higher risk of brain cancer. Cell phones release radiation waves which are known to cause cancer. The highest levels of radiation occur while receiving a call. It is not a fact that using the phone will give you cancer, but continuing studies will reveal if chances grow with increased usage. Using mobile phones while driving is the cause of numerous car accidents every year. Several of these accidents have led to permanent injuries and even death. Some laws govern phone usage while driving, but people still break them (Brujin 55). If it weren't for mobile phones, car accidents would reduce significantly, hence saving lives and money.

Cell phones have also led to pedestrian accidents since while on the phone; the driver may not be aware of the surroundings thus leading to risky situations (Yan 67). When a pedestrian has no knowledge of where they are walking due to mobile use, they might cross the road blindly and get hit by a car or even end up in falling in the drainage. Mobile phones have also become a student's worst nightmare. In English, spelling is an important part, and if you can't spell correctly, you will most likely fail in essays. Texting causes people to ignore grammar by using abbreviations and acronyms. Using these types of words can make people forget how to spell correctly in class.


These are the negative and positive impacts of mobile phones on people’s lives. There is no shred of doubt that mobiles are an important part of our lives, but we should be wary of the negatives too. All that matters is how one is using this device.

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January 18, 2023


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