Tangible and Intangible Benefits of Mobile Phones

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Every project has both tangible and intangible benefits, hence there is need point out that after an in-depth analysis of the concept behind the development and use of mobile phones, most especially the iPhones, it is easy to identify the tangible and intangible benefits in a new generation phone.

 There is need to point out that the physical benefits are features and advantages that could be seen while intangible benefits are not quite visible. Hence the visible benefits of mobile phone include the ability to meet the fashion needs of the users. A mobile phone is one of the prominent accessories of the 21st century; hence the above factor is one of its most important tangible benefits.

 It is essential to note that based on the characteristic of mobile phones, the device tends to have more of its benefits as intangible. Thus such advantages include aiding communication; with the use of the mobile phones, communication becomes easy as information is passed across a vast geographical area on a real-time basis. Mobile phones also ensure that users are up to date in terms of information. Cell phones are also made with the ability to access the internet. Hence it becomes users are able to access all forms of information that they required at any time. Mobile phones also offer the certain advanced feature known as mobile application downloads. It is important to mention that there are several applications which offer varied advantages ranging from social to economic and even health benefits.

In conclusion, mobile phones just like any other invention both is made up of several tangible and intangible features which are of benefits to users all over the world.

October 30, 2023

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