Public Safety Management and the use of Using Technology

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Many company owners and people who oversee large crowds and mass public safety have safety as their top priority.

Management and administration of public security are crucial components for those managing the challenging logistics that occur every day. According to Spencer et al. (2015), safety management is the main issue plaguing numerous sectors worldwide. In this research, the role of technology in selecting and putting in place corrective measures for public management and safety is taken into account. This article concludes that using modern, cutting-edge technology is the best option. In various instances, the organizations raises the question “what is the best and sufficient way of keeping the public safe and individual enterprises out of the law suits?”. Technology makes it easier for the professionals and public in ensuring adequate public safety, security, and free up of the resources. Spencer et al. (2015) further explain that over the past years, there are many new technologies that have been used to enhance safety management. For instance, social media have been used for gathering and disseminating information regarding safety, the predictive recognition for policing operations, and facial recognition for effective surveillance. Additionally, successful GPS applications used by the law enforcements in tracking and locating the parolees and suspects that interfere with public safety management and administration systems. People and institutions use technology over the questionable outdated strategies and policies due to the following reasons;

Technology is dependable since it provides active checking and balancing of safety formulas.

It is automatic since it operates in real time. Technology is more accurate as it is computerized, factual and tested hence making it sufficient for institutions to use in safety management. According to Ko, (2014), the use of technology has led to the production of efficient, reliable, and faster machines used for security management and administration in different public and private institutions. For example, the use of computerized electric fire extinguishers, cyber safety in detecting data frauds.

Findings/Policy Recommendations

The use of technology in public safety management and administration is viewed as the efficient and reliable means of enhancing public safety for individuals and institutions. Ko, (2014) explains that using technology improves public security management by providing easy access to the company or individual data, it provides a coordinated and an integrated, trusted data systems. Technology also helps in increasing and enhancing the situational awareness about public safety. This is characterized by the intelligence based decision making and sufficient proactive planning. Despite the benefits of using technology, there are negative impacts such as increased risks assessment of the successful use of the technological equipment during safety management. These tools are cost effective and are not easily affordable by individuals and some institutions (Spencer et al, 2015). This reduces the efficiency of public security management and administration by various institutions to the public.


Public safety is a major issue of concern that should not be taken slightly by individuals and is characterized by grave consequences if not adequately planned. Therefore, the use of technology is essential in providing better public safety management and administration. Using technology is dependable, provides easy access to data, it reduces human labor and enhances security for organizations and individuals across the world. However, using technology is more expensive and requires professionals hence making it difficult for many institutions to purchase and implement. This reduces the efficiency of public safety management and administration to the public.


Ko, L. M. (2014). New technology: safety, efficacy, and learning curves. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®, 472(4), 1080-1085.

Spencer, L., Caton, J., Maurino, D., & Lazaro, R. (2015). FTA Safety Management Systems (SMS) Framework (No. Project No. VA-27-4258).

June 26, 2023


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