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The FILM Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin

One of Charlie Chaplin's best movies is The Gold Rush. Despite being a comedy, the film also covers various dramaturgy t...

293 views 9 pages ~ 2234 words
The Nutty Professor - American comedy film

The 1963 American comedy The Nutty Professor, with Jerry Lewis as the title character, was produced, co-written, and dir...

173 views 2 pages ~ 337 words
the movie Central Intelligence (2016)

When it comes to comedy movies, Central Intelligence (2016) has recently been the talk of the town. It is regarded as on...

283 views 5 pages ~ 1342 words
Amelie movie

French acclaimed filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet is the creator and director of the romantic comedy Amelie. The majority of...

227 views 5 pages ~ 1291 words
The movie Victor/Victoria is a 1982

Julie Andrews plays Victoria in the 1982 sex comedy Victor/Victoria. Julie Andrews portrays a struggling actress who dre...

114 views 2 pages ~ 294 words
Family guy by Seth Macfarlane

The Family Guy, an American animated film created by Seth Macfarlane primarily for Fox Broadcasting Company consumption,...

82 views 4 pages ~ 1065 words
A.K.A Pablo, a comedy TV

On ABC, Norman Lear's comedy series A.K.A. Pablo with Paul Rodriguez as the lead premiered. Pablo, a Mexican-American wh...

242 views 2 pages ~ 325 words
Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick and Fail-safe by Sidney Lumet

There are many humorous performances throughout the film. By arguing that it is difficult to say what a nuclear deterren...

171 views 4 pages ~ 901 words
Labeling Theory of Deviance: The Breakfast Club

A nine-hour school detention of five adolescents with wildly different personalities and from various social backgrounds...

68 views 4 pages ~ 897 words
Sexism on TV

From 2005 until 2014, one television series called How I Met Your Mother aired. Essentially, this is a romantic comedy t...

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