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106 views 3 pages ~ 634 words
Politicians Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton.

Today's politics has taken a dangerous turn as women have become overly assertive and daring in running for their countr...

242 views 5 pages ~ 1154 words
The Premenstrual Syndrome

During their period, most women experience both emotional and physical changes. The majority of them have bearable and m...

212 views 5 pages ~ 1206 words
How Women on Death Row Are Still Rare

Crime and its effects, particularly the rates of mortality, remain a topic of debate to this day. In recent years, there...

130 views 3 pages ~ 573 words
Females targeted by DC Super Hero

Compared to games that appeal to boys, fewer games are geared at women. There aren't many video games geared just toward...

447 views 3 pages ~ 706 words
Reflections on the Queen's Gambit

In "Reflections on the Queen's Gambit," young chess prodigy Beth Harmon faces her first setback in life. In addition to being a ch...

136 views 4 pages ~ 991 words
Chlamydia and gonococcal infections among Hispanic adolescent females

Prevalence of chlamydia and gonococcal infections is highly spread among young adults in the United States. Substantial ethnic and racial dispar...

789 views 5 pages ~ 1196 words
Beauty and the Beast and the Concept of Beauty

The tale “Beauty and the Beast” exposes the development of a fairy tale involving a beautiful woman who fell in love with a beast. T...

456 views 3 pages ~ 809 words
A Cup of Tea Story Analysis

The story "A Cup of Tea" was written in 1922, shortly before the death of the writer (she passed away in 1923). In a story with a subt...

578 views 10 pages ~ 2624 words
Tudor and Stuard: Assess the condemnation of Anne Boleyn

The 16th century was marked by the public beheading of Anne Boleyn at the London Towers. She was the first queen who got beheaded publicly in th...

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