Essays on Animal Ethics

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100 views 5 pages ~ 1355 words
Animal research ought to be prohibited

More than 100 million animals, including dogs, hamsters, frogs, cats, mice, birds, guinea pigs, and monkeys, are killed ...

148 views 5 pages ~ 1234 words
Should It be Illegal to Use Animals for Sports and Entertainment?

Susan Jean Armstrong. The student of animal ethics. 2003. Psychology Press. The most recent and relevant study on both t...

201 views 4 pages ~ 1065 words
The book review The lives of animals”

Literary theorists who work in the area of animal studies can benefit greatly from the text "The lives of animals." This...

257 views 3 pages ~ 683 words
Critical and Rhetorical Analysis of Michael Pollan and Peter Singer

The daily struggles that creatures face are depicted in Michael Pollan's book, "An Animal Place." The humane handling of...

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