The Plot of The Film and Analysis Erin Brockovich

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Many women, faced with problems and difficulties, easily give up, pull their hands together, and begin to blame fate for everything. Erin Brockovich, the protagonist of her titular 2000 film, is not one of them: she is strong and brave, and giving up is not her style. She accepts what life has given her and desperately moves forward, no matter what. The very first and most important thing that she does not forget is that she is the mother of three children. Indeed, and she has moments when she wants to hide from everything and just cry. The film motivates aspires to set goals, to go ahead of them, and not pay attention to others. One should not adapt to events and people, but create and change them yourself, then the result will not be long in coming.

The Plot of The Film and Analysis

A film about a strong woman with 3 children who, through her hard work and perseverance, has achieved what she wanted. The heroine's problems are the same as many of us, but she believes in herself and clearly goes toward the goal. The story is touching, the scenes are emotional, and the conversations are sincere. The main female image gives confidence, you begin to believe in yourself and fight for your happiness. Actress Julia Roberts plays excellently, it is hard to imagine anyone else in this film. Erin does not have two higher educations and work experience behind her, but she has a good heart, great willpower, and a sharp tongue. She is open and very close to ordinary people, so she was able to win the trust of the city's residents so easily (Soderbergh). While the real-life story of Erin Brockovich is not extraordinary on its own, the effective duo of the screenwriter Susannah Grant and director Steven Soderbergh managed to present it in a peculiar dramatic light making the film one of the most defining of the early 2000s.

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In the film Erin Brockovich, the image of the main character is worked out perfectly: this girl is superficial and frivolous at first glance, but we almost immediately stop judging her by the cover. Erin is so brave that you want to empathize with her, somewhere sharp and wayward, but we understand that her character is a reflection of a difficult life. With the inner strength of Erin Brockovich and at the same time her weakness and vulnerability in relation to men, it may seem that children only burden the heroine, in fact, no (Scott). In fact, children serve as a motivating force for Erin to go on and achieve success in the end.

The audience can see her attitude in the little things, her desire to work and live for children, despite all the nurses and neighbors, she is a good mother. A truly wonderful woman who, thanks to her children, believed in herself, who was able, without experience and special knowledge, without connections and acquaintances, not only to work but to do it competently and efficiently. Erin is an example of many women who believe that children are the end of work forever, it is never too late to work and move forward, grow and develop for themselves and for their loved ones (Scott). Thus, the story might not be overly dramatic or unusual, yet, at the same time, such realism played an important part in the film’s eventual success and cult following.


Initially, the film showed a very narrow-minded person, a blonde, but in the future, she showed herself at least as a person with a phenomenal memory and with the ability to worry about others, to sympathize. When Erin spoke to people affected by the company's actions, you can feel her desire to help. She is a person who has given herself completely to work, good work. The film perfectly showed all the injustice in the world, especially considering the fact that the film was based on real events. Erin Brockovich inspires and motivates the audience to make the world around him better, motivates them to work, to try. The film conveys a whole range of emotions: from sincere laughter to tears from the failures that the main character had to face on the way to success.

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June 27, 2022
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