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Curbing presidential power

Curbing presidential authority is the subject of the novel, The Blessings of Liberty, written by Michael Les Benedict, w...

117 views 3 pages ~ 640 words
Media Consolidation

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requests that the laws regulating the ownership of different television stat...

297 views 3 pages ~ 559 words
Orders by Executives

In the eight years that it was President of the United States, former President Barrack Obama signed 276 Executive Order...

258 views 2 pages ~ 348 words
Personalities Brand

Oscar Myer has been established by German immigrants as a meat packer. The name of the Oscar Mayer Wiener, heavily marke...

110 views 19 pages ~ 5057 words
The effect of Ancient Greek politics on today's political system.

It characterizes people's relationships and the motives they're looking for. There is pure exploitative power on one sid...

217 views 5 pages ~ 1112 words
What is the key to success

The secret to prosperity, strength, and happiness is not to expect them to be evil. The secret to prosperity and strengt...

151 views 5 pages ~ 1148 words
Functions of Political Parties

When the US constitution was being drafted and ratified, the position of political parties was not well defined. Such le...

136 views 2 pages ~ 416 words
Power, Politics, Conflict, and Negotiation are both aspects of power.

The article (Salem Press, 2014) addresses the various forms of control and the circumstances in which they relate. Accor...

68 views 3 pages ~ 755 words
The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was a dangerous Cold War conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States. That was...

109 views 3 pages ~ 813 words
The Russian Connection and Donald Trump

Donald John Trump is the world's most influential man today. He was elected as the 45th President of the United States o...

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