Power in Nursing

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Nurses' Perceptions of the Concept of Power in

In the article, Nurses’ Perceptions of the Concept of Power in, published online in 2016 December, power is considered a crucial concept in nursing. Power enables nurses to undertake their professional roles efficiently. Efficiency in nursing is encouraged by favorable working environment and mutual understanding among nurses.

Individual and Professional Power in Nursing

Individual and professional power in nursing is enhanced through exercising accepted code of conduct by nurses. Ethics in nursing include being honest, maintaining high dignity, respecting other’s views and, being loyal to other nurses. Power of teamwork among nurses boosts the morale of working hence enabling them to achieve a common goal in the profession which is to offer the best medical care to the patients (Sepasi et al., 2016). Domination by specific individuals in nursing does not indicate that there is power. However, domination brings about fear, hatred, and wrangles (Sepasi et al., 2016). The nursing fraternity will record a maximum output if the authority is delegated among committed people.

Gender Inequality and Power in Nursing

The nursing profession has recorded a higher percentage of female practitioners over a longer period. Higher intake of women has made nursing to be considered as a less powerful profession as compared to doctors (Sepasi et al., 2016). However, to maintain competence and power in nursing, like other professions, gender equality has been emphasized by many institutions (Sepasi et al., 2016). The article further argues that the power in nursing is based on one’s point of view, decision making, communication as well as professional content that an individual acquired while studying.

Delegating Duties and Power in Nursing

Power in nursing is enhanced by delegating duties in hierarchical structures based on one's ability and experience. Gross misconduct among the top ranking nurses reduces power and commitment by junior nurses. Threats are not considered as aspects of power instead they lower the working morale in the nursing industry.


Sepasi, R. R., Abbaszadeh, A., Borhani, F., & Rafiei, H. (2016). Nurses’ Perceptions of the Concept of Power in Nursing: A Qualitative Research. Journal of clinical and diagnostic research: JCDR, 10(12), LC10.

October 13, 2023

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