Suicide prevention

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There are various methods for preventing suicide. When warning symptoms and risk factors for suicidality are identified, action must be taken. First and foremost, a person should consider the risk factors. In actuality, some life events increase a person's likelihood of committing suicide (Skomorowsky 70). The first step is to understand what to look for, followed by stopping any potential suicidal conduct. Typically, the easiest method to go about this is to pay attention to stressors in a person's life. It is also important to assess whether such stressors may put the person at danger of committing suicide.  The next step is to listen to the verbal warnings. In most cases, verbal clues about the plans are given by a person who considers suicide. Here, the first step involves knowing the kind of phrases to listen for to help recognize the intention of the person (Skomorowsky 71). As a result, the person can quickly be helped before going through with the action. Another point to be taken seriously is when someone complains of seeing no reason of living.

Emotions of people should also be noticed (The Lancet 638). Paying attention to the feeling of a person as well the emotional actions can help one prevent suicide. People who are likely to commit suicide are the one who fails to express their feelings. These people should be asked the way they are doing. A note should be made concerning whether a person is irritable or moody. Connecting with the person can also help in preventing suicide (Skomorowsky 73). Normally, people who commit suicide have a feeling that there is nobody who cares or understands.

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