Obesity and Depression

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The aim of this paper is to have a review of the previous research literature in relationship to depression and obensity. There are three commonly known themes which have already been covered in the previous research on how depression and obesity  are being associated. It included research on if depression can eventually result to obensity and if obesity can cause depression eventually. After evaluating the reaserch it was discovered that there is resultant association between obesity and depression moreso in boys and an association between obensity followed by depression in girls. In conclusion there was chances to furher the research which was discovered. The research would indentify the source of  association between obesity and depression and  any possible variation of ethics in BMI  and depression. Further knowlegde of the main association found in psychology and obesity will  have useful implications in clinics like treatment  and cure leading to reduced rate of their.

 It was discovered that 10% of American adults suffered from depression and 4.5% were sufering from depressive disorders in the year 2010. The depressive disorder was categorized as result of moods disorders in a week. Depression interferes with daily life and leads to loss of interest in many activities. On the other hand obesity is caused by accummulation of fats in the body which is referred as body weight index as defined by the World Health Organization. BMI which is above 30 is abnormal while the normal one is between 18 and 24.9.  Its calculated by dividing given weigt with the height given in mater square.

There are similar etiologies in obesity and depression  whereby their evolvement and promotion is  triggered by surrounding and social demographic cuases. Its important to have known the association between the two before researching on the their cause  (De Wit et al., 2009).

Obesity leading to later depression.

Mustillo et al. (2003) investigated the association of childhood obesity and adolensent with eventual psychological problems such depressive disorders . His method of information collection include visitation to various homes weighing children weight even though according to World Health Organization, obesity doesnt occure in childern. In this  research, growth charts were in in use being obtained from the center of control for diseases and cure in order to identify obesity in children who were of the age between 9 and 16 years. This underwent for 8 years and children who normal and eventually became obese were 3 while those who were obese were 4.  Also there was some children whose weight reduced  with time in there childhood. From this, it was then concluded that obensity is associated with depressive disorders followed by obesity in childhood groups (Mustillo et al., 2003).

In the childhood obensity group, those who gained the required weight during their adolescent  were in high risks of being discovered with  psychopathologies. According to Levy and Pilver in 2012, individuals who have changed from being obese to normal weight they would be susceptible to sorts of anciety disorders, deprsession and attempting sucides which are consistently to the groups with normal weight. A sample of this , 2065 participants were hired to conduct the census of US in 2002 . There mean age was 49 purpsely to reflect demographics that year. There could enqure the if an individual was overweight before the  age of 13 years in order to access their weight during their childhood. They concluded that  participant who were  overweight had high chances of depessive disorders and also anxiety disorders.


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