Music: Is it Only a Sound?

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Since as far back as we can remember, there has been music. Humanity has relied on music to provide companionship in a variety of moods that are appropriate with various musical genres, such as listening to calm music while feeling down and pop music when feeling upbeat. The many musical genres have, however, undergone a change over time.

In terms of musical variations, music too undergoes change as society does. Current music has more intensity than earlier music, and it is more automated and less organic than earlier music, both of which are deviations from the music of the past. My work will feature on two types of music genre which include Rock music and baroque music and the changes experienced by the two genres over time.

Concert Comparison

Rock Music

My concert on rock music will be on the song pay me my money down by Bruce Springsteen. Rock songs have been in existence from as late as the 1950’s (YouTube=Nv36RaPrOrc). Rock music features one or more singers and the chief equipment is the electric guitar accompanied by drums and electric bases.

I enjoyed the Rock song concert because of the musical power brought about by the instruments incorporated. The combination of voices and talents in one music spiced up to produce a very enjoyable song.

Changes in Rock Music over Time

Accurate Beats

As compared to past Rock music, the current rock concerts have accurate music beats that perfectly accompany the song lyrics. The advancement can be attributed to technological progressions and competent musical schools which breed enhanced skills on musical equipment operators. Since musical instruments are a core part of rock music, beat accuracy was a major boost (Hagan et al.).

More Energetic and Loud

Compared to initial old age pop, the current music is way energetic and louder, a factor attributed to the advanced musical instruments which are chief elements of the music genre since old times. In the past, the musical apparatus were less accurate and less loud as compared to today (Hagan et al.).

Baroque Music

Baroque music is one of the oldest musical genres dated back to 1580 a period called the early baroque music. The music comprises of motion exaggeration, grandeur and exuberance. My baroque music concert features in one that occurred in Lee University (YouTube=tMJdNgFMUJA). In the concert, the majority of the participants were musical experts who kept noting on musical elements, i.e. notations.

In the past, baroque music had several fans since it was the common and ancient genre which had taken root in the west. Today, baroque music is almost practised for historical purposes only as the number of people attending the genre concerts mainly comprise of musically oriented professions and not just any person (Walls).

Changes in Baroque Music over Time

Accurate Beat

Just like the Rock genre of music, baroque music is also centred on the piano to produce the needed tune. In the past, the musical instruments were not as accurate as today hence the tunes produced were also faulty as compared to today. Baroque music as always embraced the use of piano from ancient to current times (Walls).


In the past, baroque music faced several fans who showed up to attend ancient concerts as the music genre was the most common at the time. Currently, the music genre is only embraced by musical elites to help in tune studies etc. and a few individuals who fancy the musical tunes produced. Personally, I did not enjoy the baroque concert (Walls).

The similarities in rock and pop music are that both embrace the use of musical instruments.

Why People Attend Concerts

People are motivated to attend concerts to have a live experience of a particular music they love. Concerts also create some feeling of belonging when one runs into people who have a common musical interest.

Both the old and the youth attend concerts today though genre variations can be noted in relation to age. Most youths attend pop concerts, and old people go to Jazz concerts. In general, youths attend concerts in large numbers today as compared to old populations.

Effects of New Technologies on Music

Music Production

Technology has provided a major boost to the music industry regarding electronic devices which aid in making music more appealing to the ear. In the old age, for example, the musical instruments were not so accurate in beat production, but today, technological improvements have led to the production of quality tune which makes the music more appealing (Mantie and Roger).

Music Distribution

Technological improvements such as the internet have hastened music distribution. Today, an artist will see an increase in profits as compared to the ancient times where one had to incur aeroplane and ship costs to transfer music around. With the internet, an artist will upload music and it will be available all over the globe increasing costs and saving on time (Mantie and Roger).


Music should be embraced regardless of the genre as several people have different tastes and preferences. However, current artists should be keen on seeing that their music should not be vulgar and meaningless but instead, should possess teachings and boost togetherness.

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April 13, 2023

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