The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Team Building

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Every group formed to work together require teamwork to achieve its required goals (Laufer 2018, pp. 73-108). From the case study of Allison and penny, different challenges tend to appear and affect their area of duties. Craig who is the offsite team manager is pressurised by the reaction of both Allison and Penny and is challenged on how to deal with the rift between them (Azizan, Mellon, Ramli, &Yusup 2018, pp. 1-13). Both Allison and penny lack some important emotional intelligence competence that helps in team building (Hurley 2018, pp. 21-36).

Main Problems and Mistakes

Allison accuses penny of contradicting her in front of the clients, which makes her feel embraced (Maruca & Egan 1998, pp.22-30). In addition, Allison finds that penny makes decisions behind her back and regardless of the same working class; penny behaves as if she is the supervisor of the off-site team and instead of working together, she causes stress to the entire team (Azizan, Mellon, Ramli, &Yusup 2018, pp. 1-13). In this paper more on the mistakes, that Craig made in managing the offsite group, the major problems faced by the team and their evidence are discussed in details. Moreover, some of the things that make the team inefficient and way to improve them are also included (Johnson, Robertson & Cooper 2018, pp. 126-136).

Conflict Resolution

The conflicts between Allison, penny and other members of the team can be solved by the employment of different team building strategies and learning more about the importance of emotional intelligence (Hurley 2018, pp. 21-36).

Addressing the Main Conflict

To begin with, several conflicts are well evidenced in the offsite team. The main conflict is between Allison and penny. The arising conflicts have also affected the entire offsite team, as penny seems to be the cause of the problem. As earlier stated, the penny has been embarrassing Allison in front of the clients and constantly opposed Allison's opinions and ideas in front of the clients (Maruca & Egan 1998, pp.22-30). In addition, Penny seems to have a personal grudge against Allison and other team members and want to use rule over other team members. In my own opinion, I would advise Craig and Maggie to create more time with the team and monitor them closely during the fieldwork (Amelia, Secapramana & Hariyanto 2018, pp. 56-59). Craig can also opt to solve the issues by giving different tasks to Allison that will separate them.

Improving Efficiency

The offsite team is inefficient because it lacks team building strategies and important emotional intelligence skills that are required at personal levels (Hurley 2018, pp. 21-36). The fact that penny does not appreciate the efforts of Allison and other team members reduces the trust among the members. Allison lack self-management is not able to control her emotion, and seems to be hot-tempered (Mayer 2001, pp. 12-19; Maruca & Egan 1998, pp.22-30). In addition, there is lack close relationship between the manager and the team members. The method of communication used is not efficient as mostly, there is no close contact with the use of emails and voicemails. To improve efficiency, the manager should reschedule the working hours of the team and set more time to be in touch with all the members of the team (Azizan, Mellon, Ramli, &Yusup 2018, p. 13; Johnson, Robertson & Cooper 2018, pp. 126-136). This will help the manager monitor the progress of the team. Moreover, teaching the team, members the importance of team building skills being reliable, respectful and listening to other members (Amelia, Secapramana & Hariyanto 2018, p. 56).

Resolution of Conflicts

Conflicts evidence have risen in the study case concerning the off-site team between the workers. There have been differences between Allison and Penelope. There is much blame, which is brought by Allison focusing them on Penelope. Still, Penelope has blames which still she focuses on Allison. One of the conflicts brought up is when Allison told Craig that he was so upset when he noted that they met with Penelope without her being informed (Maruca & Egan 1998, pp.22-30). This shows that Allison was not happy with the ideology of Craig discussing her work performance without her presence. She thought that Penelope was noticing her concerning the poor work performance. In addition, there arose a conflict where Allison said that Penelope was not her supervisor and she should not instruct her on what to do. Allison suggested that Penelope has been harsh to her regardless them being in the same job group. These are just a few conflicts, which are highlighted in the case study, and there should be a remedy to them. One of the remedies, which Craig should do, is to transfer Penelope from the off-site team to different job departments (Azizan, Mellon, Ramli, &Yusup 2018, pp. 1-3). This will prevent both of them from observing of what one might be doing during work time.

Mediation and Solutions

In general, understanding, the rift between Allison and Penelope can be mended. As it is evident in the study, the complainants both have, one of the basic solutions Craig should do is to call them both for arbitration. Both Penelope and Allison should face Craig in his office. A binding solution should be given to both of them to do away with this work differences and conflicts (Hurley 2018, pp. 21-36; Maruca & Egan 1998, pp.22-30). For instance, Craig should instruct either Penelope or Allison to get a transfer letter from his office and be transferred from one department to the other department. Another remedy for the conflict should be mediation. In extreme cases, mediation should be the solution of the two workers. Hence they should be given warnings such dismissal when the case extremely exceeded. These will give them manners on how they should handle each other in their respective jobs. With the mediation, Allison and envelope will have a clear and precise working progress.


Concisely, we should all agree teamwork is an essential aspect of working areas (Laufer et al., 2018, p. 73). It gives each employee the basic understanding of each other hence perfection is seen in their work. Self-control should be a major attribute among the employees (Amelia, Secapramana& Hariyanto 2018, pp. 56-59; Mayer 2001, pp. 12-19). According to the study case, we find Penelope lacks self-control even embarrassing her colleague to the client. Secondly, a manager should be self-aware of the different cases that might arise from the employees. We find Craig is so ignorant about meeting allusion and Penelope for either mediation or arbitration (Azizan, Mellon, Ramli, &Yusup 2018, pp. 1). The employees should get the education on how to respect their core workers and try to help them solve the issues. Unlike what is seen in the case study, instead of Penelope being coherent to Allison, she always embarrasses her.


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