Download and Weald Living Museum

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We went to the Living Museum of the Weald and Download. A small group of enthusiasts headed by the late Dr. J.R. Armstrong MBE founded the museum, which was founded in 1967. On September 5th, 1970, it officially opened to the public. The Museum was founded at a time when there was a rising interest among the general public in ancient structures, and this interest led to the Museum receiving a lot of support right away.

Tindol House is the home that we have selected for our endeavor and that has served as my inspiration.

John, a guy who works at the Weald and Download Museum, is my client. Moreover, I produce design for him.

The technical requirement that needed careful attention was joining the pieces of our model. In order to join the pieces, we should make the joining place exactly opposite of the other pieces needed to be joined in order to fit together. In the event that we cut both pieces that are to be joined in the same way, they cannot be joined.

The plywood we used was of 5 mm. It is the size we can use to cut the plywood with laser cut machine. Moreover, it's thick enough to make our model. In addition, the scale we used was 1:20 to clearly visualize and read the details of our model.

We should use red colour for the lines we want to cut because they can easily be recognized by the laser cut machine. That is why if we do not want to cut any other lines we should mark them as green or any other colour except red.

For the laser cut machine, we should convert the file to DXF format. Otherwise, the machine cannot recognize the file.

June 26, 2023

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