A Brief Stevie Wonder Biography

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If you're looking for a brief biography of Stevie Wonder, then this article will give you an overview of his life and career. In this essay, we'll talk about the impact of his albums, Square Circle, Motown, and Songs in the Key of Life. We'll also cover his time as a child, and his life's journey after his early failures. And if you're a die-hard fan, you can learn about the songs he wrote and produced that influenced so many of the world's greatest musicians.

Songs in the Key of Life

While there are no shortage of stellar moments in Songs in the Key of Life, the album's epicenter is "As." The track's soulful vocals and funk rhythm mix with gospel choral refrains in a way that never tires the listener. Instead, Wonder and his collaborators draw the listener in with each successive bar. "As" is the ultimate declaration of undying love, a song that is a triumph of songcraft and musicianship.


Innervisions is a masterpiece of modern black music, combining Stevie Wonder's philosophy with minimal instrumentation. Instruments include an electric piano, guitars, a roundhouse rhythm section, and discrete synthesizers. The album's production is also notable, with Wonder playing most of the instruments and singing most of the background vocals. Its innovative production and atypical compositions show that Stevie Wonder is one of the most important forces in contemporary music.

Square Circle

While the music of Stevie Wonder may not be immediately associated with the '80s, the artist has a long and successful career outside of the pop-chart context. The singer was already a legend when his breakthrough album "In Square Circle" hit the charts, and his continuing success is proof of that. Not only does he release great music but he also continues to tour as a thrilling live performer and a human rights ambassador.


If you're looking for a detailed biography of the legendary R&B singer, you've come to the right place. This Motown biography gives you an insight into the life of Wonder, who was born on April 4, 1969. Wonder's hit "2" rocketed to the top of the pop and R&B charts. The song encapsulated the youthful exuberance of the singer, and it became Motown's first chart-topping LP.

Social activism

One of the most famous artists of the 1970s, Stevie Wonder, has lent his voice to many causes. He has defended civil rights, fought against police brutality, and improved the lives of the less fortunate. Several of his songs are about such issues as racism, police brutality, and poverty. In 2013, Wonder teamed up with U2 frontman Bono to perform at the Global Citizen Festival. This was a rare opportunity for Wonder to speak about his commitment to social issues.

Early life

In the early seventies, Stevie Wonder recorded his first songs for the Motown Record Company. The following year, he became a household name and branded himself as "Stevie Wonder". He gained creative control by signing a contract with lawyer Johanan Vigoda. His first studio album, "Music of My Mind," was released in 1972. Wonder recorded all the instruments on the album, and composed the arrangements for his songs. He was married to Syreeta Wright in 1971.


The Career of Stevie Wonder spanned five decades, starting with his early days as a teenager. He went on to receive four Grammys for his album, "Songs in the Key of Life." That same year, Wonder gets married and has a daughter named Kita Swan Di. In the 1970s, he tours the U.K. and records "Ebony and Ivory" with Paul McCartney. He becomes a Grammy nominee in 1977 and wins four Grammys, including Album of the Year. He also signs a $13 million contract with Motown.


Stevie Wonder's children have varied careers. His daughter, Aisha Gibson, is a successful model and musician who shares her father's birthday. Another son, Kai Millard Morris, was born on 13 May 2005. He is a fashion-minded aspiring actor who plays piano. In 2020, he will launch his own fashion line, House of Kom. His children are inspired by their father's career in the entertainment industry.

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