Randy Pausch Last Lecture

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This video is so inspirational and motivating. It clarifies the value of hope in life. Randy is talking about his dream and making other people's vision possible. The first important lesson is that life challenges are there for a reason. With determination, hope, and perseverance, every man in his life can withstand these obstacles. It's still important to enjoy our life, rather than to agonize about what it might be. Although Randy wanted to be a Disney Imagineer, he loved his life as a professor.
The second crucial lesson is that we need to be the best we can be. The satisfaction is self-satisfied. However, even more importantly, one should learn to have fun while doing what they love. This philosophy makes turbulent times more bearable.

The third lesson is the importance of legacy. Randy explained the importance of doing the right thing in life. It is also important to pass our skill to someone else to continue the good work. Although it is frustrating working with people, patience and hope can bring out the best in them.

Question 2

Following the conversation was a bit challenging for several reasons. First, his style of delivery was a bit fast, and this made listening and comprehension quite difficult. Secondly, Randy also uses a lot of humor that keeps his audience laughing. This was distracting and often had the effect of reducing the impact of the message. Also, the laughing audience at times overshadowed the speech. Thirdly, the professor’s body expression is sometimes incongruent with the message. Lastly, while Randy uses tonal variation, there are episodes when the volume is too low to be audible.

Question 3

I firmly believe that Professor Randy made a lot of difference in people’s life. His inspiring, motivating, encouraging and stimulating words move many people to make a bold decision towards succeeding in their life. He gave some solid lessons that will benefit many people. He made many to be always optimistic in life. His loving spirit for humanity is a good example to many. In spite of the knowledge about his death in under six months, the professor held his last lecture to change the life of fellow human being through a marvelous speech. This incredible legacy is touching and unforgettable in our life. His life was also replete with accomplishments that serve as a beacon to others.

Question 4

If this were my last conversation, I would thank all the people I met in life and make peace with all who held anything against me. I would take the opportunity to encourage people in life and teach them the importance of brotherhood. I would teach people the importance of being grateful for life and living every moment like it is their last. I would offer an account of the obstacles I surmounted in life as an encouragement for my audience to soldier on even in the face of adversity. Finally, I would appeal to each man to seek distinction in his actions.

August 09, 2021

Life Psychology

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