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221 views 5 pages ~ 1354 words
Career search report

Most people don't know the kind of careers they like in their lives, some of them wind up in careers that don't suit the...

191 views 4 pages ~ 860 words
Education Saves Students

When I was younger, one of my most definitive responses about my potential aspirations was, "I want to be a doctor." I a...

521 views 2 pages ~ 760 words
Training to Be Better Citizens JROTC

Efficient academic progress sometimes appears to be nearly impossible for students without the involvement and maintenance of extracurricular ac...

568 views 2 pages ~ 729 words
Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a person who has never heard of Eminem. He is one of the most talented and famous rap artists in the world, ...

456 views 2 pages ~ 786 words
Phlebotomy Education Requirements, Job Duties, and Certification

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from a patient by puncturing a vein, usually in the arm. The process is also called venipuncture. Th...

654 views 2 pages ~ 706 words
Paramedic: Profession Description

A paramedic is a registered health care professional. They work independently and may specialize in clinical practice...

107 views 1 pages ~ 261 words

I'm writing to let you know that I won't be able to consider your bid for the job of Assistant Manager at Hilton Company...

300 views 6 pages ~ 1431 words
I would persuade my parents to accept my decision to change my major from computer science to finance.

Most people equate purpose in life with job ambitions or the different benefits that can be obtained through the journey...

103 views 5 pages ~ 1225 words
Project plan on how to improve career counselor office

The following project plan on career counselor office enhancement intends to cut down on the time career counselors of t...

87 views 5 pages ~ 1332 words
Marketing career

Five Occupational interview Establishing a company's relationship with the market is a fascinating aspect of the marketi...

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