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I am currently expressing my interest in applying to a degree program in architecture through this letter. I've always had an interest for architecture because of the stunning constructions that have changed my area. With a senior classmate I hold in high esteem as a mentor, who has since gone on to achieve great things in the building and design industry, I became particularly interested in this course. I've always been inspired to join this fantastic profession by the passion and ease with which he completes challenging undertakings. I have since gone ahead to do some extra research on the discipline, and have realized that the study of fundamental architectural courses such as architectural structures, mechanics, and material have awakened a realization that architecture does not majorly focus on the visual aspect but lay a lot of emphasis on more critical, functional and practical aspects of an object. Thanks to the new skills and technology that have advanced acquisition of information, I have realized that architecture is more of technology than art as many opines. A deep literature review has given me a broader understanding of the science and cultural influences.

I have inherent artistic skills and knowledge that helps me visualize spaces in their totality. Even though at a glance these spaces may be confined to sharp rectangular spaces which are further extruded to their third dimensions, I believe a course on Basic and Architectural design, a core course in this program will help in fine tuning the skills that I already possess.

It is widely acceptable that the advancement in the technological scope has found its bearing on architectural designs. I now believe that through a set of a system whether being a physical structure or a virtual simulation, Emergent and Interactive Architecture (EIA) can deliver big data about user performance. As more people are now capable of interacting with the product, a complete data is produced. Computation and other digital analyzing tools transfer big data into architectural information. Adopting the acquired information, architects can create a more sophisticated structure to provide better interaction. Feedbacks from each round would finalize the product with more matured performance, allowing complexity to enable custom design for mass. To obtain the skills, I hope to study the logic of computation by experimenting rule-based approach and combinatorics in courses such as “Meta-elements” led by Soomeen Hahm. By learning how to utilize new technology such as robot arm and 3d printers with computation, as such, my research will produce more refined process.

I am making this application after a comprehensive review of the course curriculum, and since I hope to base my research and studies on the facilities available at the institution, I believe that being a student at the University will not only empower my career development but would avail me the platform to use my full potential. Moreover, I feel that through this program, I can benefit many challenging career opportunities.

Yours sincerely,



March 17, 2023

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