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As the majority of Architecture students might already know, writing an Architecture essay is one of the most challenging tasks because dealing with theory is usually limited by some tables and various drawings. Still, when you are asked to write essays on Architecture, it is easy to feel stuck. Luckily, we have free essay samples on Architecture that you can use for inspiration. Brainstorm these samples that we have below and see how you can write about certain architecture styles or discuss some events where architecture has played an important role in the military conflicts. The essays on Architecture can follow basically anything, which is why taking a look at our database will help you to start with your Architecture assignment.

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225 views 19 pages ~ 5009 words
The Lean Design Process

The design process of a building is often a complex one as it involves numerous decisions, in a highly uncertain environ...

105 views 13 pages ~ 3334 words
Green Building Standards

Environmental changes have been quite rampant in the 20th and 21st century. Climate change and global warming have had s...

204 views 7 pages ~ 1819 words
The Role of the Client in the Design Process

Ø The client as the owner of the project has the responsibility of ensuring proper management strategies are put ...

297 views 17 pages ~ 4531 words
The Role of the Architect in the Warehouse Project

1.2 Core quality management concept that would form part of the quality control for the project 8 Question two: risk man...

190 views 2 pages ~ 368 words
The Islamic Heritage of The Alhambra

The Alhambra represents an historic habitation in Islam. Built by the Muslim Monarchs of the 16th Century, the Alhambra ...

208 views 8 pages ~ 2135 words
The Athens Charter: A Blueprint for Cities

The Charter of Athens was a prominent policy largely written by an urban planner and Swiss architect – Corbusier Le and ...

193 views 9 pages ~ 2310 words
Green Building Trends in the United States

The building and construction sector is arguably one of the most energy-hungry sectors in the world; by 2015, the sector...

80 views 5 pages ~ 1354 words
Understanding the Client Group's Cultural Practices and Beliefs

‘Activism’ is a broad church. As our industrial economies and concurrent societies have metamorphosed into ‘post-industr...

298 views 5 pages ~ 1143 words
Analysis of Tunnel Designs

In this problem, a train tunnel is required to be constructed underneath in a straight having a length of 7.5 Km (7500 m...

235 views 5 pages ~ 1272 words
The Ventura Futura Projects

Ventura Projects has been established and is curated and created by Organization in Design. Charmed by the plenitude of ...

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