How an Architect Should Interact Between the Past and the Present

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Architecture is the skill, the knowledge and the science of construction. Architects design institutions, museums, mortgages, hotels, and churches. They are artistic persons with an aptitude for a plan, concrete engineering talents, a cognizance of social developments and the capability to see the big picture. According to Winston Churchill, We shape our constructions, and subsequently, our constructions shape us. (Bernheimer)

 Our environs can make us better in terms of health as we are less likely to pollute the environment, decline the opinion of discomfort, improve our looks and enable us to resolve problems easily. The more stunning, receiving and diverse a city is the contented and more successful its citizens will be.

Buildings and towns can also affect our mood and welfare. Dedicated cells in our brains are accustomed to the geometry and organization of the places we live in. Courtesy of psychological studies, Architects have a summarizing idea of the kind of modern surroundings that societies like or find inspiring.

Chapter 1

Importance of preserving the memory of a place or street

Old buildings are a part of history of civilization

Ancient constructions amount to the history of civilization. The architecture of Olden Egypt is part of significant civilizations during the course of history, which established an immense range of different constructions and great architectural memorials alongside the Nile, comprising pyramids and temples.

Inspiration for creativity

Old monuments that were designed and constructed centuries ago are a great inspiration for creativity in our daily lives. Working in a historic setting heightens someone’s experience making him/her inspire their work and produce quality results.

The memory of a place or street places us in the continuum of life

This is a primary role of architecture in the world we live today as we all work and live in buildings which have designed by architects. As life goes on, buildings continue to be constructed considering the social developments people experience every day.

Attracting tourists

The United Kingdom has a rich history and culture that has continued to attract tourists over the years. (Joinery) It is perceived as a world-class target in terms of its constructed culture. It is ranked among the top in terms of architectural designs in the world. High-tech houses, memorials, palaces, splendid homes, cathedrals are in plenty.

Streets from cities in Europe with exquisite architecture designs.

Barcelona city is more than 2000 years old. It is also one of the world’s top Cultural centers with a rich history. It is filled with innovative societies and offers incredible foodstuff and architectural stunning success which is rare to find in Europe.

Majority of people across the entire globe consider Barcelona as their best destination due to various architectural designs and features. Antony Gaudi, who was a great Architect and designer, played a colossal part in the contribution towards the Art Nouveau program in Spain. His work can be marked everywhere in some of the most acknowledged developments.

Carrer Petritxol Street

Carrer Petritxol is located in the core of the famous Gothic Area; it is famous for the abundant sculpture galleries, and for the plentiful sweet chocolate shops attending to warm teacups of fluid chocolate and garden-fresh churros to put in. The street is over 500 years old with only three meters in width, with a long history as a theme of employment in Barcelona.

People come especially in the afternoon hours to grab themselves warm cups of liquid chocolate; to interact with the most imaginative people in the world and to admire the artwork on display in the native galleries. (Jessop)You will be stimulated just trekking through this fantastic portion of the city.

Passeig Del Born Street

This attractive old avenue is home to a booming nightlife. Some years back, the Passeig Del Born street was among the chief centers of social and commercial activity in Barcelona. People came to work and party. Currently, it is home to numerous charming teashops, popular bars and autonomous boutiques which give it its lively atmosphere.

Should partying and connecting with friends be someone’s cup of tea, this is the place to be in Barcelona city. People come here to experience nightlife in one of the best clubs; to have a good time with friends as they enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

Chapter 2

How an architect should interact between the past and the present

An architect should have an understanding of how people lived in the past; how they live today and predict how they will live tomorrow.

The past

Initially, the world was not inhabited by a lot of people like today. Economic activities were also done differently. Farmers cultivated land, shepherds constructed fences to guard their animals. As the population increased and the world continued to evolve, people lived in caves for protection and then in buildings.

These people and their constructions became cities, and cities advanced – alongside trade directions, at intersections of those directions and at ports. The first capitals in the world include Jerusalem, Jericho, Damascus, Aleppo, Sidon, Luoyang, Argos, and Athens.

Cities were centers of culture, skills, and government. They were the attention of public gathered together in the security of surrounding walls. The development of masses of people and that of cities is a key part of the civilizing effect. Architecture played towards the development of towns and cities.

As of today, more cities have become vertical, buildings have become skyscrapers and skyscrapers are everywhere in cities. (Levinson) Paths have now become streets and avenues. Roads are now highways and expressways. Rivers which were once flowing with clean water have become sewers.

The Future

Some years back, buildings and cities made the world but now the world has become a city. The world is full of problems.

The future of our capitals lies in the resolving of the following global issues:

Congestion in cities and poor drainage systems

Transformation from an unindustrialized to an urban society


Complexity in industrial institutions

The hustle of broadcasting of philosophies


Quite a number of these worries can be solved by Architecture. Architects currently and in the future should involve themselves in the strategy of buildings, plot preparation, civil design, and even legislation if possible. A new order of houses, highways, and structures need to be established.

Architects should have an understanding of how old buildings as old as 500 years old still stand today. A good example is that of the pyramids in Egypt. They should not only build structures that will last long but they should consider the social developments that change every day and in the future.

 Children who are raised in urban areas have high likelihoods of grasping schizophrenia than those living in countryside areas. This is because children in town hardly interact. Architects should consider planning structures, estates with large spaces where people can interact safely. (Jessop)


There was a lot of war in the past among states but today terrorism has become so common in almost every corner of flora and fauna.  As Architects are planning the structure of buildings, they should consider the terrorism factor.


ARCHICAD is architectural software designed and established by the Graph iSOFT Company. ARCHICAD offers PC aided resolutions for handling all collective features of engineering and artistic types all through the design course of a building and interiors. Architects can now design projects easily.


Architecture as discipline has played and will continue to play a key role in our day to day lives. The beauty of houses, palaces, cathedrals we see today is as a result of Architecture. The aesthetics of Architecture has affected the way people feel, their health and their mood. As the population increases, roads, buildings and bridges will continue to be constructed. In the course of construction, an outlined plan from Architects will be mandatory. People cannot live without Architecture, as it is part of our lives.

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