The Role of Science and Technology in Architecture

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Development of technology has brought a massive change in all the aspects of life. Technology has been used in many spheres and this case; it has been used in architecture. From the history of design, there is a bright exhibit of how it has been incorporated with time thus becoming complex. This development has brought change to the social-cultural, economic and political environment in the world at large. The move paid by the development of science and technology has improved the living standards. In this paper, more will be discussed on how the change has manifested during the period and affected people’s life.

Buildings can be used to tell peoples beliefs and culture ( kent, 1993). The design used in by the ancient man is very different from the one being used by the modern man. Buildings reflect the story of the time and how culture tries to project itself to the future. They also exhibit the level of civilization people are having. A good example is those people who live in slums, the way they have made their houses and the way their homes are organized shows that they are not arranged unlike those living in real estates. In fact, the way we build is a reflection of the way we live. Today the advancement in the art of building has been achieved by the way people have acknowledged the new way of living and also the way people have adopted the modern lifestyles. The improvement in social class is seen by the way people build and the infrastructure they choose. Today people are making houses which are self-contained in that they have everything inside including the office meaning that there has been an improvement in the way of living.

Development of today’s economy has been directly affected the employment of the art in the world. Business buildings which were used in the 19th century cannot be used today only because the economic activities have advanced ( Buyya et al. 2000). The financial activities which used to take place in the past did not require a sophisticated art but today’s events do need to be done in well-organized offices. Architects’ are designing the offices in a way that it is efficient and will be able to handle today’s technology. Offices are now being partitioned giving room for different departments. Partition also aids in economizing the space available. Development in the technology of architecture has also brought up the use of materials which are durable and whose cost of maintaining is low. Development of design has made it possible for the construction of huge buildings. The business people have taken advantage of this by making such structures into shopping malls where everything is in stock. This has eased the movement of customers since they can shop everything they need from one place.  There has also been a development of infrastructure through the architecture industry where they can design road networks and also airport terminals this has made it easy for the business people to access the markets and even an easy way for those providing goods or services to reach the market. This has enhanced trade which is the core part of the economy.  Architects have made it possible to reduce the delays which are there usually in the airport terminals; this has made it possible for entrepreneurs to invest at different places where they can travel with ease.

The political aspect of the society has also been changed by the advancement of architecture. Politicians can move from one place to the other and even across borders where they can make treaties with other nations (Cerny 1990). Designing of buildings and portioning them has made it possible for the politicians to be able to have good looking offices and offices in one building hence making it easy for them to coordinate matters while in one place. The government has also joined hands with architects to deliver its promises to the people. After the First and the Second World War, there was a need to reconstruct countries due to destruction which had been caused by the war. Both teams had to work together to frame how they would build the nations again.

In conclusion, the discipline of architecture can be dated to have started a long time ago. The advancement in technology up to today has made it possible for it to make a significant impact in changing the lives of different people. It is also in line with it that the young generation can study the history which has been built over the years by the elders. We learn that today’s living standards reflect the future how it shall be through the given efforts of the architects. As the technology advances, there is also advancement in the art of building. This is like a vision for the architects for they will be able to do more when both science and technology improve.


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August 01, 2023


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