Behavior and Goals

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Goals motivate everyone because they know what needs to be done. Furthermore, having clear and attainable goals can light a fire under even the most unmotivated individuals in the company (Deckers, 2015). Furthermore, goals provide people a sense of purpose when performing their jobs, so they modify their activities to make an impact. Most goals have a positive impact on people's lives and the advancement of a firm, which motivates employees to achieve at higher levels. Aims are also used to gauge success, allowing them to impact day-to-day conduct (Deckers, 2015). Also, a person develops particular traits because the goal setting helps in assigning of specific roles hence helping workers to have required skills and knowledge.

Goals are achieved by having the action plan and setting objectives that are measurable, achievable, specific and realistic. Further, aims are attained by working hard and incorporating all required resources to function in one direction (Deckers, 2015). However, the failure to achieve goals leads to losses and collapse of businesses as well as the lack of motivation at the workplace.

The cost and benefits considerations affect the goal setting and achievement. The cost factors influence the setting of realistic, specific, achievable and timely goals. One has to set objectives by evaluating the ability to support the costs because the failure to meet the expenses leads to losses (Deckers, 2015). Moreover, the benefits of goals help in coming up with goals that are measurable. Only goals that have advantages for the living or company are set because aims are made for the sake of initiating change. Besides, the benefit and costs of goals encourage actions that are necessary for the achievement of final targets (Deckers, 2015).


Deckers, L. (2015). Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental, Fourth Edition. London ; New York: Psychology Press.

April 26, 2023

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