The Role of Women in Society

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The book investigates the problem of women's changing roles in American culture. Contrary to the major determinants of generosity, the authors remark that income and education are critical in defining how women are incorporated into the community and their specialized responsibilities in contributing to the country's economy. Women are progressively gaining access to formal education in the twenty-first century, and they are attaining remarkable success even at the highest levels of study. As a result, educated girls are offered well-paying positions that were formerly controlled by men. The authors also point out that recently female engineers and doctors are on the increase and that the careers are changing as women tend to occupy positions that are more demanding. The book also indicates that the percentage of female students in the various colleges in the United States has risen considerably from 42% in 1970 to 56% in 2000. Also, there are more men than women that are increasingly receiving Ph.D.’s. There is a direct connection between the level of education and the level of income of an individual. In the last century, the percentage of women in the workforce has doubled and thus risen from 42% to 62%. The figures indicate that more women have increased their average income.

However, the authors note that the median earnings of men have stagnated over the years and that the number of women whose revenues are higher than those of their husbands is on the rise. Nowadays, women account for a considerable percent of the nation’s top wealth holders. Additionally, females are considered twice luckier than men in terms of inheriting wealth from both their husbands and their parents. The authors also maintain that the chances of women living longer compared to men are high and therefore they are more likely to participate in the intergenerational transfer of wealth.

Grossholtz, Jean. “Forging capitalist patriarchy: The economic and social transformation of feudal Sri Lanka and its impact on women.” Review of The Changing Role of Women in Bengal 1849-1905, by Meredith Borthwick. Journal of Women in Traditions and Society, vol. 11, no. 3, 2013 pp. 566-569.

The article states that women are an integral part of the society and despite their less power and authority they cannot be neglected. According to the author, women were created to be a companion for men who should walk with them in return. In the Islamic communities, the role of women is defined according to the Islamic laws that dictate their behavior and practice. Therefore, the article indicates that Islamic women have a significant role to play in the upbringing of a healthy and robust society. However, the modern female in the Islamic world are still living in chains. Women represent the basic unit of the community as they are a crucial part in forming a family. The articles also points out that for the community to be firm and based on moral standards women are to ensure that the children are raised in a proper way. The author notes that the attitude towards women in the Islamic world is dramatically changing and the female gender is increasingly being appreciated. They are slowly embarking on women empowerment and thus their importance and respect in the society are gradually increasing. The author also notes that, in the western world, men and women are equal concerning raising children, and thus they work shoulder to shoulder to ensure that there is progress in the society. Women are given primary education without any restrictions by the community as compared to other regions in the world.

Lerner, Lee et al. Family in society: Essential primary sources. Thomson Gale, 2014.

The author of the book indicates that women are critical in the modern society as they participate in various cultural and social functions. Regarding occupations, the author notes that the contemporary women do not lag behind men in most of the professions. Therefore, in the recent days, women have increasingly ventured into the games field especially in hockey, cricket, and football. In the athletic world, a lot of female attract more attention as they succeed in the career. According to the book, women can no longer be kept behind the curtains to partake only in the domestic duties.

Wekesser, Carol, and Matthew Polesetsky. The role of women in the society. Greenhaven Press, 2015.

In the book, the authors point out that the roles of women in the society are slowly changing, whereas in the earlier days, their duties were reduced to taking care of the kids, cleaning, and cooking. Notably, back in the history, females were not allowed to participate in any political issues, and thus had no right to vote. However, the authors indicate that in the recent decades the female roles in the community have changed due to the fact that many women hold positions in the various governments in the world and they are increasingly gaining the ability to support themselves.

Haber-Curran, Paige, and Lorri Sulpizio. “Student leadership development for girls and young women.” New Directions for Student Leadership, vol. 154, 2017, pp. 33-46.

The article maintains that in leadership women have more significant roles to play. The authors note that in the United States females have increasingly risen in the political world as a result of empowerment. The article also contains a list of the most influential women in the world who have helped to shape the world economic order. For example, the authors cite Hillary Clinton who was a presidential candidate in the concluded presidential elections in the United States. The article argues that rapid development in the society can be experienced only if both genders work together to actualize the developmental agendas.

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