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267 views 5 pages ~ 1223 words
Counseling for Romeno Matilda

Romeno Matilda is a student at the Yale University. She is a South African beneficiary of the AUSAID scholarship. Presen...

208 views 4 pages ~ 875 words
The Difference Between Cyberbullying and Traditional Bullying

Cyberbullying is an act of aggression against a person that is conducted with technology. In most cases, the attacker ma...

280 views 5 pages ~ 1361 words
Preventing Juvenile Recidivism

The study's objective is to investigate the effectiveness of restorative justice programs in reducing the rate of youth ...

98 views 5 pages ~ 1126 words
Sports Parents' Negative Attitudes

Sports-related stress and anxiety are felt by young people because their parents behave badly during these extracurricul...

130 views 7 pages ~ 1704 words
Youth Encounter

I talked to Emmanuel, a 20-year-old young man, at the youth group. Emmanuel was exhausted after a couple of hours at the...

257 views 2 pages ~ 293 words
Mental Health and Youth Homelessness

National figures indicate that the incidence of youth homelessness has been rising in recent years. It is difficult to e...

233 views 7 pages ~ 1670 words
The article "Do Video Games Kill?"

Karen Sternheimer's post "Do Video Games Kill?" explores a contentious topic about the impact of video games on teenager...

70 views 7 pages ~ 1703 words
About Poverty and School Drop Out Among Teenagers

Young people make up the majority of those living in poverty. According to the United States Department of Labor, one ou...

154 views 4 pages ~ 884 words

Online aggression is one of the most serious issues confronting today's teenagers in the United States. It can seem to b...

152 views 9 pages ~ 2255 words
Housing options in the USA

Housing opportunities in the United States of America are becoming exceedingly scarce. The dilemma is faced by the rise ...

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