America Imagine Life without her

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D'Souza, Dinesh's Concern for America's Destiny

D'Souza, Dinesh Political commentator and filmmaker, the creator of "America Imagine Life Without Her," also writes books. D'Souza, an immigrant from India to the United States, worries about the country's destiny. His primary concern is that the United States won't continue to be the beacon of freedom and hope it has always been unless the progressives' anti-American arguments are forcefully addressed in their terms. The author of this book attempts to make the argument that other histories, in which exploitation and plunder are the main defining characteristics, are replacing America's history. According to the author, the way a country understands its past determines its future. By making use of historic re-enactments, the author critically explores the sacrifices and lives of specific America’s most celebrated heroes such as Fredrick Douglas and George Washington.

A Defense of USA Against Progressive Attacks

The book provides a passionate as well as sharply reasoned defense of U.S.A knocking down the acquisitions made by progressives against America. By reading the books, Americans can understand why it is just a myth that English colonists grabbed America from Indians as well as the idea that Americans soldiers and settlers stole the southwest from Mexico.

Counterfactual Histories and the Importance of United States

The book provides counterfactual histories where George Washington is killed during revolutionary wars. According to the author, if America is divided due to civil wars, the results will be the creation of a universe without the United States which will be vastly worse off. Additionally, D'Souza terms himself as an Indian immigrant who prefers America and is always impressed by the unique force for good the country is, a concept that is traditionally agreed upon by all Americans (D'Souza, 43). The author further indicates that modern leftists are ‘narrating a new story’ which contradicts the traditional veneration of U.S.A with aims of convincing the nation to author its destruction and undo modern America.

Challenging Indictments and Historical Claims

The book challenges different indictments made against the nation as well as the claims of American historian like those of Michael Eric Dyson that thievery was the main element of the American empire. He also takes issue with the assertions of Ward Churchill an activist and historian that America is the new evil empire in the world. According to the author, Howard Zinn and the 1960s Chicago radical Saul Alinsky are among the main historians who have promoted resentment and guilt concerning the wealth inequality that assisted in shaping the political careers of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

America's Wealth Creation and Unique Norms

Moreover, the book claims that America's wealth has been created but not stolen (D'Souza, 33). For instance, the $700 used to buy colonial Manhattan from American Indians can be used today to purchase numerous desolate parcels worldwide. However, that individual industry has created New York real estate worth billions. The book also indicates that most countries like India and Europe are founded on conquests and that the pattern of wealth creation in America has not been the universal norm. The author gives an example of Arab historians Ibn Khaldun where he prefers looting to trade claiming that merchants form the second lowest social caste of Hinduism.

Redistributive Policies and the Myth of American Suckdom

Additionally, the book indicates that the redistributive economic policies in America are just styles of reparations relying upon shame narratives to create political support. According to the author, the main aim of the political support is to combat the specter of evil such as universal healthcare which explains why D'Souza needs to defeat the five-point myth of U.S.A suckdom (D'Souza, 23). The book also indicates that slavery only impeded developments in America instead of boosting them.

The Uniqueness and Greatness of America

It can, therefore, be concluded that the book tries to uncover different aspects of the American government that makes the country unique and exceptional. America is both chilling and inspiring, and the author attempts to provide a picture of what the world can be without America. By so doing the book achieves its objective of reminding Americans the things that make their country great both for them and for the rest of the world.

Work Cited

D'Souza, Dinesh. America: Imagine a world without her. Regnery Publishing, 2014.

July 07, 2023

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