The Industrial Revolution in Britain

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In the website, Nicholls, Laura focuses on illustrating different features of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. The author of the site has the aim or the intention of educating readers about the cultural, social and economic foundations and appearances of the industrial revolution, as demonstrated through the particular images. The intention of the author of including several websites on the main website was to make the reader have an easier time accessing the specific images of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. It was a way of giving a link or connection between the major website and the small websites containing the images of the industrial revolution in Britain. The other aim of the website was to allow teachers of Art History, English, and Social Studies have access to an interdisciplinary educative tool that would enable the teaching to be effective.

In the Narrative and Hogarth chapters, the author of the website intends to explain to the reader gain a hint of what the elements in the painting mean and how they relate with the story about the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The questions in the two chapters are aimed at enabling the reader to look carefully through the specific images and understand the items included in the images and their meaning. In the aspects of the Industrial Revolution, the author focuses on enabling the audience to realize the changes that took place and areas that were influenced by the Industrial Revolution.

In this website, the author is trying to assist the interested readers and researchers with adequate information about the images of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, which would be useful for academic research. The author makes it easier for researchers to accomplish their goals easily by including the narrative concerning how the Industrial Revolution was performed as a process in Britain. The website enables the reader to identify the events that took place about the rural economy based on the particular images and the activities that were performed during the early revolution. Also, the inclusion of images about work and industry were intended to enable the audience to understand those innovations and changes that led to the development, such as the iron and coal. The aspect of transportation was meant to enable the reader to understand how transportation was conducted during the Industrial Revolution and the construction activities that went on during that period. Concerning the aspect of poverty, it is clear to the reader that in Britain, some people were living in poverty. Besides, through the specific images, it is possible to realize that the poor received support through charity although the majority of them suffered from lack of assistance. The aspects regarding the additional social issues and ‘the good things of life’ demonstrate that the Industrial revolution was influential to people’s social life and the general living during the specific period.

By going through the website and reading its content deeply through the additional small websites, I learned that images can be used in telling a story concerning an event. I also learned that visual elements are powerful and more influential to the readers and they enhance proper understanding of the story behind a certain event. I also learned that it is possible to understand a whole event and the story behind it by viewing the associated images and little descriptions about them. In the website, I gained an understanding that the Industrial Revolution in Britain involved different events and settings, as demonstrated through the images in the site. It was possible for me to realize that there are many aspects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, which show the beginning and the end of the specific era. I realized that although the Industrial revolution was meant to make changes to the industries and other related areas, it also influenced the social aspects and the general lives of the British people. I also gained knowledge that for there to be an industrial revolution, different activities had to be conducted and that different characters had to be involved.

This website is a good source of historical information required in academic research regarding the Industrial Revolution in Britain. The aspect of putting an image and clear description of the associated events makes the website relevant in the conduct of historical academic research because it allows the reader to realize specifically how the events were going on during the particular era. The inclusion of different images also makes the website a good source of historical academic research because it enables one to realize the different aspects of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, such as "The Opening of the Saltash Bridge” and many more. The website contains adequate information about the characters who vigorously contributed to the industrial changes such as the craftsman and Hogarth who was specifically concerned about the prosperity. It also enabled the reader to understand how Francis Goodchild took part in the industrial revolution in collaboration with other characters. Indeed, this website is a relevant secondary source in understanding the historical events, especially the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

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November 13, 2023


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