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160 views 1 pages ~ 269 words
Changes of unemployment during a business cycle

Business cycles are frequent variations in the country's economic output (Eusepi, 2011). Each cycle consists of four sta...

290 views 2 pages ~ 298 words
Political and Financial Growth in California in the 1970s and 1980s

Political and financial improvement in California was mainly impacted by the region’s ethnic and minority organizations ...

189 views 9 pages ~ 2301 words
Chinese culture influence

China's economy has developed tremendously over the last two decades. Development has resulted in social improvements, p...

686 views 3 pages ~ 993 words
The Flaws of Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

In Nickel and Dimed, author Barbara Ehrenreich examines the impact of welfare reform on the lives of people with low incomes. The book is full o...

176 views 3 pages ~ 710 words
America's Economic Development

Following the Civil War, the United States reported remarkably strong economic development. In fact, the actual per-capi...

234 views 9 pages ~ 2363 words
The Effects of China's Economic Slowdown on Japan

After three decades of economic growth, China's economy is declining. Over the past three decades, China has experienced...

262 views 4 pages ~ 1054 words
Economic Growth and Development

An economy's growth and development can be described as both qualitative and quantitative improvements in that economy. ...

245 views 2 pages ~ 288 words
Development and cultural influence

Culture has an effect on economic growth in both direct and indirect ways. There are many forms of culture, which can be...

190 views 2 pages ~ 329 words
Why is it impossible for the state to plan economic growth?

The primary aim of urban growth strategy is to create strategies and priorities that will aid in the creation and mainte...

104 views 1 pages ~ 275 words
Economics Reading Assignment

Saving, according to Henry Hazlitt, is simply another form of spending in the modern world. In truth, sending is just as...

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