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289 views 14 pages ~ 3823 words
Big Data for Fraud Detection in the Banking Sector

Big Data for Fraud Detection in the Banking Sector By: Name   Course Professor’s Name Institution Location of institutio...

106 views 4 pages ~ 943 words
Financial Crises Not a Bug in the System but a Feature

Following the global financial crisis the European Union economy suffered a loss on the stock markets - confidence plumm...

180 views 4 pages ~ 1041 words
The global finance crisis

Before the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, there were strong warning signs of an imminent disastrous global financial...

456 views 3 pages ~ 765 words
Emergency Universal Basic Income - Costs, Impact, and Tax Implications

If you are considering signing up for an emergency UBI, you need to understand the costs and effects of the program. In this article, we'll ...

185 views 8 pages ~ 2153 words
Limits to Global Monetary Policy and Their Effect on Financial Institutions in 2018 and Beyond

Following the sluggish economic activity experienced after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, international analysts and ...

168 views 6 pages ~ 1441 words
The 2008 global financial crisis

The 2008 global financial crisis in the United States, which began with the collapse of the 2007-8 housing bubble, was t...

85 views 7 pages ~ 1734 words
American Bank: Roger Lowenstein

The banking industry is one of the most sensitive sectors of the economy. Economic scholars have investigated the involv...

77 views 4 pages ~ 843 words
The Effect of Economic Difficulties on Automobile Demand in Europe

The economic downturn in Europe has resulted in widespread poverty and deprivation for the bulk of the population. Econo...

146 views 12 pages ~ 3237 words
The global economic crisis

All of the disasters that observers may struggle to refer to or follow its course is the global economic crisis. One of ...

267 views 2 pages ~ 476 words
Detection of Embezzlement and Fraud

Over the course of six financial years, senior staff members purposefully changed Accuhealth, Inc.'s financial statement...

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