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84 views 7 pages ~ 1834 words
International relations / International law: ‘International law is what actors make of it’

A framework of international law that all parties can abide by has been a goal of nations and other organizations since ...

267 views 4 pages ~ 857 words
Cairo Declaration Research Essay

On September 22, 2011, the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum called on its members to implement the Cairo Declaration, whic...

141 views 4 pages ~ 1092 words
Military Ethical and Moral Dilemmas in Afghanistan

In the twenty-first century, militaries all over the world must navigate and operate within unfamiliar societies. In the...

187 views 4 pages ~ 849 words
A Reflective Summary Essay

The answers offered by the other group members taught me a lot, as you can probably tell. For instance, I've come to com...

175 views 10 pages ~ 2518 words
The Legality and Morality of Torture, Extraordinary Rendition, and Targeted Killing of Terrorists in Countering Global Terrorism

International human rights organizations and advocates have claimed that since the start of the United States' "global w...

289 views 5 pages ~ 1162 words
The war on drugs Research Essay

The fight against drugs has gone a long way and faced many difficulties. The arrest of Joaquin Guzman has temporarily pu...

192 views 5 pages ~ 1338 words
World War 2 Annotated bibliography

The second World War was a different kind of conflict that put new emphasis on ideas like economic mobilization, ammunit...

87 views 5 pages ~ 1260 words
Slavery of Black Americans Essay

When someone is in a position of control over others, it is called slavery. They have control over where their subjects ...

121 views 5 pages ~ 1201 words
Israel-Palestine conflict

Rashid asserts that the Israel-Palestine dispute predates Hamas. When discussing the conflict, the Hamas is constantly b...

264 views 3 pages ~ 661 words
Ongoing war and terror Essay

Most people have no choice but to flee their countries and seek asylum in other nations in quest of peace due to the ong...

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