Case Study of Jefferson High School

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The Foundational Element of Education in an Economy

The foundational element that is essential for the growth of an economy is education. How the government invests in education will have a significant impact on how future generations live. The educational system produces all of the experts who manage an economy. There are various educational levels, and each one has its own set of difficulties. The foundation of a nation is its elementary education system. Children who receive high-quality education at a young age have a good probability of moving up the educational ladder. Furthermore, a good foundation in primary education provides a level starting point for the younger generation to build on as they go to higher levels in society. South Los Angeles, California characterized by a high population of different races. Jefferson High School located in the locality has experienced several setbacks. The school has experienced issues with the curriculum which has led to few students missing out to graduate.


Areas in South Los Angeles are characterized by high populations of people and low-income families. Statistics indicate that over sixty-six percent of the school's population is students of Asian origin. The number of students in the high school falls below one thousand; however, the school receives numerous applications annually (Shapiro, 2014). The authorities have criticized the school regarding diversity because of poor criteria of admission. Moreover, the population of students from low-income families is very, one of the things the school is criticized for. Majorly, the institution offers studies in science and technology (Joy, 2015). The statement problem does affect not only the school but also other schools across California. The reports arise from surveys and real-life experiences of students who study or studied at the school.

Review of Current Literature

High school is fundamental in the United States because it helps define the lives of the students. To most students, graduating high school is a major milestone, and therefore most of them look up to it. When students report to school, they expect assignment of schedules. It is expected of every high school to put the curriculum and schedules in order so that no confusions exist after school resume (Joy, 2015). However, the case is different not only in the institution but across California whereby some students miss out their schedules. For instance, the likelihood of programs tying is very high whereby students are assigned two or more classes at the same time. Rectifying it becomes a major problem, and some go ahead to miss out major classes which lead to them not qualifying for graduation when time comes.


For every case study, it is important to source out data that is relevant to the topic of discussion. Information helps give out valuable proof that the subject under scrutiny is of great significance. The federal government monitors Jefferson High School just like any other institution of learning. Therefore, any irregularities that surface in their system are likely to get mainstream attention. Therefore, the school website and other online resources provide vast information regarding the status of the school. However, a court case involving students from the high school and management helped find more information for the study (Zepeda & Kruskamp, 2007). The widely publicized case gave information on how the situation is in the institution. Moreover, visiting the institutions and sourcing information from some of the affected students are some of the methods that helped source enough data.


Graduation, as stated earlier, is the dream of every high school student. Most students work hard in high school to graduate and enroll for their dream courses at the university level. However, from the case study, it is evident that the messed up systems at school levels denies students their dreams. The case at Jefferson High school clearly affirms the situation. Moreover, evidence from other cases reveals that California is highly affected when it comes to students missing out graduation because of incomplete subjects. However, the students are not to blame for the situation. The institutions carry the blame for failing to have a smooth system that permits allocation of schedules to each student without crashing them. If things are put in order, students have a chance to graduate on time and avoid the current hitches being experienced.


The subject of discussion is students missing out graduation because of poor planning regarding scheduling within their institutions. However, this case study focuses on Jefferson high school which is located in Los Angeles. From the evidence tabled, it is discovered that students miss out graduation annually because of the institutions poor scheduling. Additionally, more research reveals that the problem is not only at the high school but also other institutions in California. The events have led to mixed sentiments to an extent of some affected students going to court seeking justice regarding delayed graduation or missing subjects. From the study, it is right to conclude that the institution lacks competence when it comes to planning lessons and structuring learning. The issue is an internal one that can only be resolved by the administration.


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February 09, 2023

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