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220 views 2 pages ~ 336 words
Expected Utility and Lotteries

Numerous lotteries and gambles give the participant a likelihood of a potential gain or loss at a certain cost. The abil...

291 views 2 pages ~ 390 words
Why People Play Lottery

Adam Piore talks about an interesting topic on why people play the lottery. He begins his writing with a case study of a...

152 views 3 pages ~ 643 words
Pic-A-State challenging the congress law on interstate transmission of lottery ticket information (1995)

Lottery tickets purchased in one state cannot be traded outside of that state in a number of American states. Pic-A-Stat...

97 views 6 pages ~ 1500 words
About the Lottery

The story's ending completely shocked me. Jackson (paragraphs 2 and 3) foreshadows the ending by telling us how the chil...

81 views 3 pages ~ 681 words
The Dangers of A Blind Tradition in “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson

Traditions are a people’s way of life. However, traditions pose a splendid danger to people if followed blindly except q...

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