Why People Play Lottery

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Adam Piore talks about an interesting topic on why people play the lottery. He begins his writing with a case study of an 84-year old widow from Florida to win 590 million dollars. The scenario compelled Professor Robert Williams to give crucial reasons as for why people keep on playing the lottery. The essay discusses the reasons why people keep on playing the lottery.

Irrespective of Williams Professorial knowledge in lotteries, he never made any assumptions but used facts on the odd (Piore1). He aligned his historical evolutionary thoughts to and said that human beings lack intellectual aloofness to the one odd in the 175 million odds available to win the 590 million dollars won by the 84-year old Gloria Mackenzie.

One of the reasons as to why people keep one playing the lottery id the assumption of winning. Piore said that there is a vast assumption that makes people keep on playing. The assumption often used as a lottery brand slogan as experienced in most lottery games is “Hey you never know.”

Another reason as to why most people often play the lottery is the hope and dreams aligned with winning. Most of the people who play lotteries suspend their logic and reason, which blinds their sound judgement to see the improbability of having the right odd to win. However, the hope, dreams and greed to win the final grand prize push the people to keep on playing lotteries with the predominant thought of winning.

Rebecca Paul Hargrove is a renowned lottery investor. Hargrove sells hopes and dreams to ensure people keep on playing the lottery with the hope that they win (Piore 5). She used her experience in the lottery business to ensure that people experienced their wins in the smaller scale. The winning in smaller scale was an exciting fantasy that made more people buy lottery tickets and play the lottery as she augmented her profits.

The above reasons show why people keep on playing lottery despite the odds being unreasonable. In conclusion, hopes and dreams as seen from a good lottery investor Rebecca Paul Hargrove make most people suspend their rationality while hoping to win. The above explanations are strong supportive reasons as to why people play lotteries.

Work Cited

Piore, Adam. Why We Keep Playing the Lottery. Blind to the mathematical odds, we fall to the         marketing gods. 2013. Print.

August 21, 2023

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