A Brief History of David Livingstone

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In 1809, at the age of ten, Scottish doctor David Livingstone began working in a mill, working fourteen-hour days, six days a week. His spare time was spent reading the classics and exploring the surrounding countryside. He then went on to study medicine, theology, and Greek at the University of Glasgow. After graduating from medical school, Livingstone worked in London for the London Missionary Society. He was ordained in 1840.

Livingstone's early years

David Livingstone's early years were shaped by hardships and hard work. At the age of ten, he started working at a local cotton mill. He attended a mill school from eight to tenpm every night, and worked at a second job to help support his family. At this point, the government of Britain had recently passed a law that mandated free education after working hours, but Livingstone was still unable to afford the tuition for college. Thankfully, his father was a pastor and had a large library, which his sons could read. In his teens, he bought a Latin grammar from his first week of wages, and he continued to read about the subject.

His missionary work

During the nineteenth century, David Livingstone's missionary work made a significant impact on the world. As a child, he was raised in a Scottish Presbyterian family. Later, he became a member of an independent Christian congregation. His early Christian training helped him acquire the mental and physical traits that would benefit his African career. In the course of his work, Livingstone converted many Africans to Christianity.

His faith

One question that has been asked in the history of Christianity is whether David Livingstone was a Christian. The explorer's father was also a Christian, and his relationship with Catherine Ridley reflects this. It is possible that Livingstone was a Christian, but that is not entirely clear. His faith was influenced by the American Awakening, a movement that placed emphasis on social transformation and saving souls.

His travels

David Livingstone's final journey in Africa began from the village of Mikindani, which is now part of modern-day Tanzania. His aim was to find the source of the Nile River, something that had evaded earlier explorers. A similar attempt was made in 460 BC by Herodotus, but to no avail. Livingstone's team suffered a major storm, which damaged the ship's main mast and raked out all the sails. Livingstone's expedition lost two men while inland, but they returned to the coast. While the ship was being repaired, a search party came to look for him. Unfortunately, the men did not find him, and the search party believed that he was still alive.

His death

The cause of David Livingstone's death remains unclear. It is believed to be the result of an accident in 1873. The body was discovered with a lion's paw in its shoulder. His body was buried at Westminster Abbey in London. The cause of his death is still debated, but there are many possible explanations. This article will consider some of them. In the meantime, learn about the life and death of the explorer.

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