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Essays on Scientist

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185 views 3 pages ~ 607 words
About Thomas Edison as an Inventor

Thomas Edison is a well-known inventor and engineer in the field of energy. Edison was born in 1847 and showed an interest in engineering as early as the age...

153 views 2 pages ~ 366 words
Thomas Edison and the history of engineering

Thomas Edison is classified as an independent inventor since he established his Menlo Park laboratory in 1876. Edison created the phonograph, the incandescen...

292 views 2 pages ~ 345 words
Natural Selection and Evolution

The theory of evolution shifted its focus with the rise of naturalists. Before the 19th Century, scholars, philosophers, and researchers believed that the sp...

154 views 4 pages ~ 950 words
The Intelligence of Animals

Animals, like humans, are intelligent and social creatures. Intelligence is characterized as the ability to adapt to a changing environment by acquiring and ...

262 views 3 pages ~ 618 words
We Are All Mutants by Tarlach and Gemma

The title of the article is “We Are All Mutants, “by Tarlach and Gemma. The article is written as an interview with Masatoshi Nei, a molecular evolutionally ...

268 views 4 pages ~ 889 words
Einstein Vs Newton

Many debates around the world have been overshadowed by substantive discussion over the criteria for deciding what “smart” is. The term's meaning is contextu...

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