Idol of the Tribe

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According to Sir Francis Bacon on tribal idols

Sir Francis supports Protagoras' argument that "man is a measure of all things." Protagoras describes the most educated sophist, who taught politics and rhetoric and thus influenced the students (Dahl 3). Sir Francis states that knowledge has a greater impact on a person's view of the world surrounding them. He discusses how education should be passed down to students in order for them to have a thorough understanding. However, the educator's view of the subject has an effect on the students. Reading books distorts one's comprehension and influences one's response. Francis explains that everyone has his or her own idol that they admire (Dahl 3). In return on can copy bad habit from the person, they look upon. He further says that a person is influenced by the experience they undergo and the need to look for more and more in the world than they are in reality. Protagoras says that Plato was looked upon for all accounts of teaching. He explains that the Athens claimed that they could give young men education that can give them an advantage in politics. From this script were found that Protagoras supports Francis claim that indeed man is a measure of all things (Mark 6).

Idol of cave

According to Francis on the idol of the cave, seem to agree with Protagoras. Francis says that human being sees things in different ways such as through opinion or special knowledge. People look things through their theology or interested science which influence the truth. He explains that while some are governed by differences or similarities. Francis says those who love the past more and those who love the possibility of the future distorts the present knowledge (Dahl 4). According to Protagoras in Plato what a person believes in as the truth, its truth to that person and no one's experience nor opinion is right or wrong to the person him or herself. This indicates that according to Protagoras is that the truth is proportional to the perception of an individual (Mark 7).

Idol of the marketplace

In his claim on the idol of the market, Francis explains that often words are misunderstood or misused especially in the marketplace. He gives an example that the same word may be used by different people but means different with other people in communication. He says some words have a true meaning while others have a vulgar meaning. He explains that some people use words just as they heard from someone but fail to know the meaning. And he adds that name of things that do not exist always confuse the understanding (Dahl 4). Protagoras suggestions in depth also note that different words may be interpreted differently in a different environment or by different people. He gives an example of a test case of a temperature interpretation, for instance, one in Florida may say x mean hot while another in Alaska may say Y for hot and x for cold and this statement may mean true for him or her. The explanation by Francis on the interpretation of words supports the assertion of Protagoras that different people interpret words differently (Mark 9).

Idol of theater

Francis narrates that relies on the philosophical writings that teach moral life such forgiveness and not killing. Francis argues that the same people in religion have committed the same such as holy wars. He gives an example of political parties and system that are made on the assumption that people have to work in some special ways (Dahl 9). This seems to be true according to Protagoras when he explains on death and vindication. Some people are sentenced to death as a result of the political system (Mark 17).


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