A Comparison and Contrast Analysis of Two Interviews Conducted on the Same Person

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The essay compares and contrast information gathered in two different interviews conducted on the same person concerning a murder. Jay is the interviewee and Hae is the murdered individual. During both interviews, Jay admitted that he had received a call from Adnan informing him of his visit to his house at forty-five minutes past ten o’clock. However, the arrival time that Jay indicated in the two interviews were different, during the first interview he stated that Adnan arrived at his house one hour after the call while in the second interview he indicated that Adnan came fifteen minutes after calling. Even though in both interview Jay stated that Adnan had intentions of killing Hae, the events that followed Adnan’s arrival at Jay’ had some disparities. During the first interview, he indicated that they went to Westview mall where Adnan confined in him his intentions of murdering Hae, during the second interview Jay contradicted his first interview by saying that after Adnan’s arrival they headed to the Security Square mall where Adnan confessed his intentions of killing Hae (Timelines ).

During the first interview, Jay indicated that after talking and Adnan confessing his intents, he dropped Adnan at school and remained in possession of Adnan’s car and phone, all these events happened within forty-five minutes. On the second interview, Jays indicated similar events, but the timing was different while in the first interview they took forty-five minutes to go the mall and drop Adnan at school, in the second interview the same events took one hour and forty-five minutes. During both interviews, Jay stated that five minutes after dropping Adnan at school he arrived at Jenn’s house.  However, in the first interview, he only indicated that he spent three hours at Jenn’s home but did not specify the reason he was there while during the second interview he stated that he went to Jenn’s house to play video games with her brother.

During both interviews, Jay revealed that Jenn came from work and found him at her house while in his second interview he attested that he told Jenn about Adnan plans. However, the timeline which Jay gave regarding Jenn arrival from work in both interviews were different. In the first interview, Jay indicated that Jenn came from work quarter to one pm while in the second account he said that she arrived at half past one. According to Jay's first interview, Adnan called him two hours and fifty-five minutes after Jenn’s arrival at her house and requested to meet him at Edmondson Avenue. This information was different from the second interviews where Jay indicated that he received three calls from Adnan, two at his cell phone and one through Jenn’s phone. The phone calls ware received after Jenn came from work then decided to leave Jenn’s place two hours after Jenn came home from work since he did not receive any other call from Adnan.

The events of the murder different more, during the first Interview Jay claimed that he went to meet Adnan at the designated place, where Adnan showed him Haes body. Fifteen minutes later they dumped the body while in the second interview he indicated that after leaving Jenn’s house Adnan called him and instructed him to fetch him at best buy. At best buys parking lot Adnan showed him the body. In both interviews, Jay indicated that they smoked weed after dumping Hae’s car and body while in the second account Jay stated that they got the weed after disposing the body from the Forest Park neighborhood from their friend Patrick, the timeline of events for both interviews are different (Timelines ).

In both interviews Jay stated that after smoking weed, he dropped Adnan for practice, these events were consistent in the two interviewees, but the timings were different. During the first interview Jay indicated that he picked Adnan from the practice at six pm and went for dinner, the police called Adnan looking for Hae while they were still eating whereas in the second interview, he indicated that he picked Adnan forty-five minutes past six and they headed for Cathy’s house. After arriving at Cathy’s home, Hae’s brother called looking for her after which the police called also asking for Hae (Timelines ).

In both interviews, Jay admitted that they went to retrieve Hae’s car, but in the second interview, he indicated that they passed by Jays House to get a shovel before going to the park. In both interviews, they buried the body in the woods. During the first interview, Jay indicated that it took them thirty minutes to bury the body while in the second interview he did not mention the time that they used to bury the body. In the first questioning, Jay stated that before burying Hae, he was driving Adnan's car and Adnan was driving Hae’s car while in the second questioning Jay did not mention who drove which of the two vehicles but says that they drove around for thirty minutes before disposing of Haes car (Timelines ).

During both interviews, Jay stated that Adnan threw Haes belongings in the West view mall dumpster. In the two interviews, the events that followed dumping Haes belonging were differently. In the first interview, Jay indicated that they went to seven eleven after burying the body after which Adnan dropped him off at home where he told Jenn that Adman had killed Hae. In the second interview Jay indicated that after disposing of Haes stuff, Adnan dropped him at home after which Jenn picked him. After telling Jenn the events that had happened, she threw his clothe away then went to the dumpster where she wiped his fingerprints from the shovel. Then they went and stayed at Cathy’s until he left and went home (Timelines ).

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