A letter to President Donald Trump over Immigration Ban

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I'd like to welcome you on behalf of several other American citizens who share my worry.

My letter will be short, but it will discuss a sensitive topic that you have the authority to address. Mr. President, I would conclude that America is a wonderful country endowed with beautiful people from various backgrounds who are unified in their pursuit of prosperity.

As a young person, my generation looks up to you because things are changing too quickly.

In regard to the executive order you recently issued that bar entry of people originating from Muslim-dominated countries, I wish to beg for your audience so that I can share my opinion as a citizen that you were constitutionally mandated to protect. Mr. President I acknowledge your burning desire to protect Americans against terrorism and restore the much coveted peace of mind among citizens.

I must also acknowledge that the threat of Islam radical groups and threat of terrorism lives with every American today.

However, despite all the aforementioned facts, I think there may be a different approach to deal with the problem rather than imposing an umbrella immigration ban. You may ask yourself why I am writing such a letter despite previous terrorist attacks like the 9/11 among others that took the precious life of innocent Americans.

My point is here.

Mr. President, politically you tried to convince the world that immigrants from the seven countries pose potential threat owing to the perceived involvement of such countries in terrorism sponsorship. However, I beg to disagree, factual evidence indicate that terrorism architects, planning, and funding originally show close association with such countries as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Afghanistan which ironically miss conspicuously in the banned countries’ list. Besides, the latest terrorist suspects are people that profess Islam faith but live in America. In that regard, the ban sends a clear interpretation of religious discrimination that I feel contradicts the spirit of constitution. The observed solidarity that binds Muslims all over the world exposes your position as an act that targets the Muslim community as warmongers. In fact, the ban has since created a simmering tension and heightened mistrust between Muslims and Christians in the United States regardless of country of origin. Issuing such a blanket ban affects even innocent people that are simply coming to America to pursue the dream of a prosperous life. What about families that seek political asylum in good faith, the children, the women, and the elderly? The sanctity of life as enshrined in the holy books and American constitution must be given a chance as humanity is one despite social, economic, and political affiliations. Besides, America is known for diversity which is a function of immigrants from all over the world. Give the vulnerable a chance and America will even be greater.

Mr. President, the reality of globalization, internet revolution, media outburst, and seamless interconnection among states and people makes the ban less effective.

Terrorism is an ideology that cannot be addressed through physical measures, but require ideological antidote. The ban is therefore a tactical advantage to the radical architects that use it to convince the Muslim community that they are alienated. In that respect, even innocent and sober Muslims are likely to buy the idea that America is hostile towards them based on religious faith. What about the mass radicalization that happen online? It is even difficult to manage terrorists from within as they have mastered the country over time and can circumvent all possible prevention measures. The intensity of hate that the ban is creating may get out of hand and nobody will win.

Mr. President, I wish to remind ourselves that American economic prosperity is as well dependent on global market.

The product market, tourism, travels; among others all serve the rest of the world. It is therefore an economic suicide on businesses to ban the seven countries as the effect is long term and widespread to the country. While the order specified a few countries, the fear of victimization from all other nationalities from Muslim-dominated states will considerably reduce the business travelers, tourists, and other even students from the Muslim world.

Last but not least, portraying such discriminatory ban risk US intelligence allies in Muslim-dominated region as they are likely to be branded traitors, or they may feel used and work against us.

The best solution to these problems is to restructure immigration screening mechanism and improve on immigrant records management and regular updates. Most importantly, working on constructive foreign policies that address socio-economic and politically motivated conflicts in the Middle East can help get into the real root of dissenting voices that metamorphose to terrorism.

As our beloved president and the power vested in you, I believe you can initiate peaceful co-existence across religious divides.

Despite your promise to rid America of terrorism, I beg that you take a different approach rather than the ban and the results will capture the interest of all. We believe in your leadership and the outstanding team of advisors that can give this issue a different view and prove the democracy that we preach to the world.

Yours sincerely,

From a young bonafide citizen of the US

December 15, 2022
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