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Beauty isn't always what people want it to be

Beauty isn't always what people want it to be, particularly when it can be described in multiple ways. However, I agree with Merriam-concept Webster's of beauty as "the qualities of an individual, place, or enjoyment that offer pleasure to the mind's senses."

People's conceptions of appearance have shifted over time

People's conceptions of appearance have shifted over time, with numerous communities and individuals holding opposing views. While it has been described by numerous conceptions and theories that have permeated our minds, its complete explanation has yet to be reached. In my talk, attractiveness is what draws us to something or someone, as well as the feelings we get from those interactions. Qualities of a Person

Beauty means the innermost values of an individual

Beauty means the innermost values of an individual. The thought or actions that make you fall in love or like some aspects about a person. Many people mistake that someone’s personality is described by them not looking good, maybe due to big noses, small eyes, ears not fitting the head well or them generally not looking attractive. Although the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in some cases compel people to concentrate on the outward appearances, it is important that beauty is considered for what is- the gentleness on the inside. The fact that someone might not appear attractive on the outside should not be used to describe him generally or her with regards to whether they are beautiful or not because the true beauty lies on the inside and not on the outside. Beauty goes an extra mile to describe that good friend that helps you in times of trouble and shows much love in all situations. It describes that person that can always go an extra mile to ensure that you succeed in life regardless of the challenge you might be facing. Beauty is the way you make others feel about you when everything else seems not to be working out for them. Mistaking beauty to be the facial appearance and fully relying on that belief while looking for friends makes any end up getting disappointed.

Beauty is Happiness

Beauty is the moments or the images that inspire and bring remarkable and distinct attachments to our souls. It is the times we feel real and free from any trouble. During such moments, we feel eminent and proud to be ourselves. Most times I think of the times that I have been very happy and thought whether those moments are in line with the beauty standards. However, this day is dissimilar to the ones when I groomed attractively or my skin shined flawlessly, but the moments I felt beautiful because of the happiness that had no relationship to my outward appearance. It is the moments that are brought by our interaction with the people we care, or the places we love being in that brings a sense of beauty in our souls and thereafter results in happiness.


In conclusion, our bodies are shells that give us the opportunity to express what we feel towards someone or something. They are a case that presents our greatest happiness and incredible experiences. No concept, culture of a company can exhaustively describe what beauty is, but I believed it is fully demonstrated through the attitude we present towards the people regardless their relationship with us, physical appearances or social backgrounds.

January 25, 2023

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