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Mountain View, Alaska, is the most diverse location in America, according to the article's creator, Moni Basu. This location is home to people from many cultures. Mountain's diversity has been boosted by the fact that there is a sizable white community that has remained, as opposed to other communities where, as diversity grows, white migration increases. Mountain View has a sizable Alaska Native population, which is very uncommon in other American cities. Immigrants have also arrived in Mountain View, adding to the city's already diverse population. The diversity in Mountain View has contributed to economic, political and societal development of the city. For instance, in an economic point of view, the city witnessed prosperity at a time when other cities were crippled by recession. This was because of the diverse groups of the city having contributed to diverse economics rather relying on one source of money.

The different cultures are peacefully living Mountain View with each group respecting the cultures of others. Differences due to race have never been witnessed in this place. The people living in this place have developed the culture of helping the needy amongst themselves. This has been demonstrated by Alice Lawrence, a Mountain View resident, who has been giving foodstuffs to the less privileged in the society.

The story is important as it has used Mountain View to represent the future of America. Children who are born in such a diverse environment tend to become knowledgeable in the diverse cultures and this makes it very easy for them to mingle with other cultures since they have been used to such since when they were young. The author calls for other cities to copy Mountain View in a move to ensure that cultures become diverse and live peacefully together in order to achieve high prosperity.

Question: How long will the other American cities take to achieve diversity level as witnessed in Mountain View?


Basu, M. (2016). Most diverse place in America is not where you think. CNN. Retrieved 29 August 2017, from http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/12/us/most-diverse-place-in-america/index.html

December 21, 2022

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