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When the night falls and the darkness consumes the earth, all the noise decreases and the aura of quietness is created. The nights last longer than the day and get more frightening as the days go on. Johnson's house is in the middle of the haunted woods, a white bungalow standing alone in the eerie trees. An echo can be heard from afar. The Owls never stopped crying, and the Hyenas laughed. The lights at Johnson's home go out at 8 p.m., and the world becomes confused about what's going on in this building.
Phillip and Mary Johnson are two well-known physicists. Phillip Johnson acquired his post graduate degree in genomics at one of the prestigious learning institutions in the globe. This individual has ever since worked at a local biotechnology firm dealing with genetic engineering and gene modeling. He has a rather quiet personality and loves living in solitude. Mary Johnson., on the other hand, is a trained medical laboratory expert that has worked for one of the nation’s greatest pathology laboratories. This lady has received several awards in the field of forensic studies due to her outstanding work in resolving complex mysteries regarding people’s deaths.

Mary and Phillip met at a professional trip organized by the firms that they worked for in the last eight years. Mary was a quiet lady with attractive physical attributes that would send any man to the dreamland. Phillip, on the other hand, was a reserved young man who mainly focused on his work. Most of their friends find it hard to explain the mannerism in which the two interacted and finally got married given their personality and ego states. In short, the dating and marriage lives of the Johnson’s are still a mystery that is yet to be solved.

Eighteen months after their engagement and a year after their marriage, Mary and Phillip welcomed their first-born twins. The two were delighted and invited several other friends to come and help them celebrate. Initially, this couple lived in a luxurious apartment in the outskirts of the city. They frequently held parties and loved entertaining friends. With the birth of Marcus and Simon, these individuals thought that they had accomplished their long-term dream. Phillip and Mary even considered opening their laboratory outside the busy town where they would incorporate their rare skills to solve the biological issues that the world faced. Consequently, they bought a house some miles from the city and established a big bungalow. A large human biology laboratory with some of the latest technologies was set in the basement of their magnificent house. Once in a while, this couple would travel to their new home to conduct some experiments but hardly spent a night at this new location.

The life changing moments begun to occur with the manifestation of the various deformities that Marcus and Simon developed. Marcus had facial deformities where his mouth, nose, and ears did not develop at the same rate as the other parts of his body. Phillip, on the contrary had more severe deformities. At the age of two, Simon’s nose, mouth and ears had overdeveloped with these features suiting those of an adult. The Johnsons were devastated and hardly concentrated on their work. Philip failed to turn up for work for several weeks thinking of how they would find genomics that would counter the developmental deformities that their children witnessed. Mary would spend more of her time at work researching about these rare abnormalities and spent most of her company’s resources.

Overwhelmed with life, these two scientists developed mental issues and relocated to their house in the woods to hide their misfortunes. The couple spent most of their time in their home laboratory which had become creepy due to the lack of proper maintenance. They cut off communication with the outside world and could only go to work a few times a month. While their laboratories were normal i.e. maintained an excellent level of cleanliness and tidiness during the day, it was disorganized during the night. Some of the scientists would come and conduct various experiments during the day and would pay for the maintenance of this space. Consumed by professional thoughts and the urge to come up with perfect twins, Mary came up with an unimaginable idea. As always, Phillip gave a listening ear and would hardly object anything said by his loving wife.

Mary: This may sound creepy, but I have decided to conduct tests on our boys with the aim of coming up with perfect twins.

Phillip: But Babe!! We have conducted all mannerisms of tests which have born no fruits. Which sorts of tests are you referring to?

Mary: We may have to sedate them, dissect them and translate the genes for abnormal growth from Simon’s organs to Marcus’ and those of underdevelopment to Simon. Before receiving any objection, please think. This is for the sake of our children.

Phillip: Is there any better means of conducting tests without using the boys as a specimen?

Mary: No!

Phillip: Okay. But we must be careful with the entire procedure so that we do not lose the boys.

Soon after this conversation, the lights go off, and the couple remains startled. Such a scenario had never occurred ever since they moved into their new residence. Shortly afterwards, a sharp scream is heard from the boy’s bedroom. Phillip and Mary light up the lanterns and quickly rush to the room only to find Simon and Marcus deep asleep. The couple decides to sleep by the side of their children. This night was the creepiest yet the quietest. The Owls did not make any sounds, but the winds blew mightily. Some of the security lights were destroyed by a midnight storm. This incident marked the genesis of long nights and short days.

Early the following morning, the couple decides to rename their lab Marsim, a short form of Marcus and Simon. The key reason behind the renaming of this facility was because most of the experiments that were to be conducted in this facility were aimed at the wellness of Marcus and Simon. The day’s activities went on all planned and the regular visitors of this lab noticed no apparent changes. The devotion to improving the lives of all individuals was evident during the day, and some of their colleagues applauded them for that spirit. Most proceeding days were marked with a lot of merry and the nights with creepiness. Power surges were more frequent during the nights than they were before. Whenever there was power, the laboratory’s bulbs would blow one by one. The screams by the owls became louder and more frequent, and this couple missed their twins more and more.

Most experiments on the boys were conducted during the day, and their bodies were hidden in a stuffy, dark and dirty room in the basement during the day. The frequent lab visitors began to notice that there was a miss owing to the mysterious disappearance of the twins. However, Mary would always give the answer, “they are enjoying a little grandparent’s time... you know…” The skies were clear during most parts of the day. However, an enormous dark cloud would manifest from nowhere and cover the sun most evenings paving the way for a long haunting night. The nights were cold as winter was approaching and blackouts were more frequent. Consequently, Phillip had bought a powerful generator that would power the entire house and the laboratory. The couple resorted to turning off lights by eight pm and proceeding to the dark, scary basement to conduct experiments on the sedated twins. However, this routine was to come to a close very soon as Mary had found a potential cure for the two boys. This cure would mean that one of the boys lost his life and the other became the perfect son who would proceed with the legacy of the pair. This “perfect” child would bear the name Marsim and would inherit the laboratory. The final operation was the only resort and the scariest that any of them had ever conducted in their lifetimes. Consequently, they asked their colleagues who frequented the lab not to come on the day of the operation.

This night began as an ordinary working night. The couple prepared dinner early enough to create more time for the operation. There were light showers that were rapidly transforming to a thunderstorm. As usual, the newly replaced security and garden lighting were swept away by the storm and the trees would bare evidence of the rage of the strong winds. Shortly past 8 PM, the showers became lighter and the night assumed its normal shape apart from the screaming owls that had conspicuously gone missing. The environment was conducive for the rebirth of the new creature. All the lights were turned off and the two scientists who by now had developed severe mental issues proceeded to the dark scary basement to retrieve their specimen. The laboratory had only one operational theater lamb that would somehow provide enough lighting for the entire procedure. By a few minutes to nine, the operation began. It was evident Simon’s body would play host for Marsim. Most tissues were drawn from Marcus that he was left both dehydrated and pale. As expected, Marcus passed on in a painful and uncouth manner. A sharp scream that pierced the quiet night marked the stopping of Marcus' heart. The procedure carried on as planned. At exactly 1:55 am, the two scientists had finalized the operation and waited for Simon’s response and the birth of Marsim. Phillip and Mary held each other tight as they waited. This night had several unusual screams. Immediately when the clock hit the tormenting hour of 3.am, some noise was heard in the main house. The two scientists found it weird as they had no neighbors at least within a five-mile radius that would give them a visit at this unusual hour of the morning. The couple took their flashlights and went to check on the banging noise. The distance from the basement to the entrance of the house seemed longer and the staircases were steeper than usual. Immediately after exiting the basement, the lights went off and the night became creepier. The batteries in the flashlights died and the couple used lanterns to go and run the generator before proceeding on to check the noise that was increasing. Unfortunately, Philip had not bought petrol for the generator. Another short alarming scream was heard but this time, it came from the boy’s room. The two scientists rushed to the boys’ room to establish what was happening.

“Mummy, where are you,” a cry was heard from the basement. Filled with both confusion and delight, the scientists rushed down to the basements with their dim lanterns to check on their new creation. “Baby, we are coming,” shouted Mary. The couple was astonished on seeing the “perfect son” that they had created. Marsim was a two feet tall and masculine child. He spoke in a bass and had red-wide eyes. The ears were absent and his nose was abnormally big. Marsim’s hands were almost as lengthy as his entire body. He seemed to be consumed by fury and disappointed by the mannerism in which his parents stared at him. He overturned the theatre-bed that was on his side as he had massive strength. The two scientists looked at each other and asked, “what have we done?” Marsim also looked at himself and asked in rage, “what am I? Mum, why don’t you come to me? And who is this man standing beside you?” it was evident that the new creature had no idea of who Philip was. Marsim limped towards the parents as Phillip made steps backwards. “This is not what we expected Mary. We must get rid of it!!” said Phillip. But how, look at the rage, the abnormalities. Run Phillip, run...” As they dashed out of the basement, Marsim followed them. Phillip locked the entrance to the basement and drugged Mary out of the house. The hyenas would be heard laughing as the owls screeched uncontrollably. Marsim’s massive strength had enabled him to break the basement door and he was headed outside the house crying, “mummy!! mummy. Wait for me.” Philip opened up their van and connected the ignition cables as he had no keys. He drove towards Marsim and knocked him down. Surprisingly, Marsim did not die even though he was disabled. Phillip pulled him into the house as he yelled, “Let me be!!!” and asked Mary to syphon some petrol from her car. Phillip then torched the entire house as Mary watched and cried and told her, “This is our new beginning.” The two drove away as Mary watched the flames consuming their dream home and laboratory. The mystery of the screams, banging noises, and their disappearance remains unsolved.

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