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All in culture, from life to food, has changed. Food has evolved from what our forefathers had to what we have now. However, the transition has been unfavorable because much of the nutrient value of food has been lost. Technology has played a significant role in food engineering, resulting in food fortification and the lack of important vitamins and minerals needed by the body. As a result, the shortage has prompted the need for dietary additives to replace the missing contents in the available food (Almeida et al. 3234). Choosing the right kind of vitamins, on the other hand, has long been a source of consternation for many people. Many are often caught up in dilemma of going for the natural supplements or opting for the other vitamins. Of course, the uncertainty in making the right choice has been because of lack of adequate knowledge regarding these supplements, with many people still lagging behind in the right information concerning supplements. The paper aims at drawing the attention of the reader to the benefits of using the natural supplements and probably the new information that they do not know regarding these products.

The bulk of the supplements available in the market today are the artificial supplements from synthetic production. These products dominate the market owing to their cheap cost to the consumers. The regrettable part is that whereas they might seem cheap in the market, they turn out to be expensive in the end. One of the most significant expense that synthetic production comes with is chronic threat to health (McRorie 91). The key challenge is one of the top reasons why people should have a second thought about spending much but on the right content that is fit for their body.

One of the biggest reasons why people should not think about other supplements apart from natural supplements is written on their names. As the name suggests these products are derived from natural food sources and since they come from sources based on food, the body has an idea of how to synthesize them as opposed to any other product that may be strange to the body. Anyone who consumes natural supplement would expect their bodies to absorb the nutritional contents that these products have more readily than the way it would absorb the artificial ingredients (McRorie 93). Whereas the body will have to take time to separate the contents from artificial products by absorbing what it is compatible with, this would not be the case in natural supplements. Other than the fast absorption, the natural supplements will do the body more good. That is, it will assist the body to starve off the seasonal flu and cold that comes along invariably during the winter (Almeida et al. 3235). The past research into natural boosters substantiates that natural ingredients are in better harmony with the body whether it is a fish oil, herbal nutrition, vitamin, folic acid, or the mineral supplements.

As mentioned earlier in the text, when the body takes natural supplements, there would be low probability of suffering the adverse effects. Every research would support this assertion since natural things have often been effective and safe to the body. Feeding the body with what it is used to may not lead to unpleasant experiences. Instead, natural boosters would enable the body to stay healthy for longer (McRorie 94). The body does not require preservatives, artificial coloring or added chemicals to stay active. The only thing that synthetic products do is to make the pills keep longer and look good but do not give the body the benefits that it requires. Therefore, it would be needless to feed the body with the content that do not add any value to it at the expense of what would make it stronger and healthier.

Natural supplements are derived from foods that have been tested to be suit for human consumption. For instance, fish oil has high percentage of nutrients from fish. Of course, fish is a food that is edible across the world by many people and it has been confirmed that it does not have any harm on the body. On the other hand, the artificially made supplements have nowadays come in different packs, with contents whose composition cannot be justified (McRorie 97). Nutritional guidelines stipulate that ingredients, which are obtained from foods not suited for human consumption, should be avoided. Nevertheless, this trap may only be avoided by sticking to natural supplements, whose compositions are known to the consumers.

The body has the natural immunity, which helps it to fight against infections. It has been scientifically proven that natural additives do not only help individuals in building their bodies. Instead, it helps them in strengthening their natural immunity (Almeida et al. 3236). Natural foods, consumed either in the form of supplements or normal meals, provide the body with essential nutrients that keeps it healthy. They boost the immune system and help in preventing diseases. Should an individual succumb to something nasty, which is a normal thing in life, they will be highly likely to have faster recovery when they take something natural. This is because natural supplements have high levels of antioxidants, which have been known to be integral in boosting the body’s immune system. Taking artificially created or synthetically made products when someone has consumed something that is not compatible with his or her system would only worsen the situation.

It is also worth mentioning that supplements, particularly natural ones are good for the body since they replenish the body with nutrients. When the body lacks or has little supply of some specific nutrients, supplements play the role of fighting that deficiency. In this connection, it is also important to be cognizant of the fact that even the best diets may have nutritional deficiency. Over time, it has been thought that exercise and proper diet is the medicine for premature aging. Whereas this assertion is true, it is also imperative to add to the account that natural supplements can also help in preventing premature aging. Natural supplements supply the body tissues with additional nutrients that make the body stronger and healthier (Almeida et al. 3237).

Concisely, it is high time that people need to realize that supplements, especially the natural ones, are good for their health and that they have numerous nutritional values. Very many negative things have been said about artificial supplements and people should be keen to debunk between natural additives and the synthetic supplements to avoid having the undesirable effects. Finally, yet importantly, it would be important to note that even if one is consuming diet rich in vegetables and fruits, the fact is that issues such as storage, transportation, and food preservation may have negative impact on them, hence the need for more natural supply of nutrients.

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January 25, 2023


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