Dietary Supplements Analysis and It's Evolution

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Dietary supplements evaluation allows you to look at the trends, consistency, and amount of foods you eat and the calories you burn and compare them to what the body needs and how much you expend on physical activity. The test assists in assessing the efficacy and effectiveness of a person's diet and physical exercise. It is for this reason that I have chosen to perform a diet review. Compared to the amount of food I consume in a day, my physical activities are far insufficient. As a result, my body produces more calories, necessitating the evaluation to restore equilibrium. I conducted my research by choosing food products and activities over three days (two weekdays and one weekend). Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday for my case- and worked out an average using the “Diet and Wellness Plus” software.
Macro Nutrients
Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are the primary macronutrients in the body. Carbs are the primary energy giving foods in most organisms. They consist of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon molecules. On the other hand, proteins are made up of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They form the structural parts of an organism, functions as biological enzymes, act as molecules of immunity, and participate in the cell signaling and recognition. Lipids are the main constituents of membranes in all cells, while cholesterol, vitamins A, D, K, and E are food storage molecules and intermediaries in signaling paths.
Based on the analysis, I do consume 230.58g of carbohydrates, 46.46g of proteins and 52.24g of fats in a day. The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges(AMDRs) are 187.43-270.73g of carbohydrates, 45.36g of proteins and 37.02-64.79g of fats per day (Sizer & Whitney, 2017). Evidently, my daily consumption of carbohydrates and fats are within the AMDRs. However, my proteins intake is slightly above the recommended quantity, a variance that brings to my attention the need for a downward adjustment of the proportions of proteins in my diet to the recommended levels. The slenderizing can be achieved by either dropping the proteins I consume in a day or adopting a vigorous exercise culture. I will opt to take both approaches to fix the situation fast. However, I am pleased with the results of my macro-nutrients intake analysis figures.
Vitamins and minerals are the essential micronutrients in the body. The Diet and Wellness Plus Software helped me in realizing that I do consume an average of 230% of vitamin C, 27% of vitamin D (ug), 42% of vitamin A (RAE), 312% of vitamin A (ul) and 34% of vitamin K on a daily basis (Sizer & Whitney, 2017). The figures show significantly high levels of Vitamins C and A (ul) at 230% and 312% respectively. Nevertheless, exceeding the daily recommendations of the two micronutrients does not lead to any risk of complication, toxicity, as well as adverse health effects as they are from usual dietary intake and not supplements. However, the parts of vitamin D, A (rea) and K are below 50% of the recommended daily intakes, thus the need for dietary readjustments (Prentice, Allen & Caballero, 2012).
The findings from the analysis of minerals intake show that sodium is relatively high, as it stands at 204% in my daily intake. The other essential minerals are well within average rates as Iron is at 69%, Magnesium at 64%, Potassium at 53% and Zinc at 66%. Calcium levels are below average level at a lowly 36% in the daily intake average. The inadequacy alerts me on the need for addressing the deficit in the intake by including food materials rich in Calcium such as milk to rectify the condition. A slump in calcium levels does not contribute in any distressing symptom on a short-term basis. However, extreme low calcium levels for an extended period lead to hypocalcemia, a medical condition that is underlying in a number of spillover effects such as muscle spasm, depression, forgetfulness, tingling in lips and fingers and feet, confusion as well as achy stiff muscles. Although I have not been experiencing these symptoms, I understand the need for formulating a way of increasing the calcium levels in my daily dietary intake. I will however not use calcium supplement tablets as the standards are not critically low. Dairy products are very rich in calcium that the body quickly absorbed. I will, therefore, make sure that I include at least three servings of either a slice of cheese, a glass of milk or a tub of yogurt cheese. I will also add occasionally servings of canned salmon or sardines, soy-based products, almonds and green vegetables as they are all rich in calcium. Through this dietary plan, I will achieve an above average calcium intake in my daily diets (Cluysenaer & Tongeren, 2012).
Hypernatremia is a condition that comes due to extremely high sodium levels in the regular consumption. Although it has no significant symptoms, Olsson, Öhlin & Melander (2013) note that excess sodium in the blood may lead to dizziness when you stand up or change positions, severe sweating or fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. At 204%, my sodium levels need to be controlled and scaled down. I will achieve this by reducing my salt intake and ensure that I take a minimum of two quarts of fluid every day.
Total Daily Energy Needs
According to the findings of the three days-dietary analysis, my energy levels are far much below the recommended levels. Out of the required 5331kcal needed, I only consumed 4665kcal, thus a deficit of 676kcal. The scenario shows that my activities and BMR expelled more energy than I consumed. To correct this, I need to add the proportions of energy giving food materials to my daily consumption or scale down activities that may be burning too much energy. BMR represents the minimum energy required levels by the body to keep basic functioning going. These functions include breathing and maintaining the heartbeat. My net energy level is -225kcal on average and thus shows a deficiency. As per the analysis, I may scale down my physical activities to attain energy balance, but I will prefer increasing energy giving foods in my daily intake.
According to the results of the diet analysis, I have realized that my daily consumption of proteins among the macronutrients is low and I need to add more proteins to my diet. On micronutrients, the sodium levels in my diet call for scaling down, as the high amounts can culminate to complications. I will reduce salt intake and ensure I have at least of two quarts of fluid every day. On the other hand, the calcium levels are below average, and I need to increase consumption of food materials that are rich in the mineral. I will achieve the goal by ensuring I take at least three servings of milk, yogurt or cheese per day. Contrary to my hypothesis, my body consumes more calories than I use up in activities and BMR. To match the requirements of energy consumption, I need to raise the calories intake, subsequently increasing food consumption.

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October 20, 2021

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