About young children and technology

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In industries, architecture, and applied sciences in general, technology is considered a technical extension of experience into realistic contexts. Technology has played a significant role in the transformation of how children read, communicate with peers, and are amused in various ways, as it has influenced their rate of creativity and how they behave themselves in society. As opposed to children in 1990, most children in today's culture have adopted the use of technology in all facets of their everyday lives. Technology has made their job simpler, as several technology companies have emerged that provide tools for children using cutting-edge techniques. However, technology has impacted both positively and negatively on children due to its continuous evolvements it has affected their ability to learn and have real experience with their friends as children of today happen to possess technical tools such as iPad, video games, computers among others of which they tend to use without limits. Internet technology has become addictive to many children while some results to be internet predators while others grow to be video game addict.

To start with, an example of the impact of technology is children are greatly attracted in watching television for long hours. However much it educates them, those who spend more watching and playing games of which they tend to even eat where they sit. This gives room for fat accumulation which is the main initiator of health problems such as depression, diabetes heart failure, and obesity that costs a fortune to cure. Parents are advised to create schedules for their children but not banning them from it as they may use their technological tools in privacy which becomes more dangerous to their health.

The other effect is that technology alters the relationship of parents with their kids more parents especially in urban centers tend to be occupied with their jobs which give their children room to maximize their use technological equipment thus even ending up visiting inappropriate sites on the internet. Parents should, therefore, have time for their kids so as to build strong bonds and educate then on the dos and the don’ts.

To conclude, watching advertisements online also exposes kids to harm apart from those that educates them such as advertisements on school offers, for instance, university applications. Advertisements such as on drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes in addition to advertisements on the use of condoms expose them to risk of shifting their behaviors as they may take them as good things to use. Parents should keep track on what their kids’ access online by blocking websites which may harm their way of thinking. According to Hatch, (2011), “I understand teenagers are excited to share any fun plans with friends, but they easily forget how dangerous giving away too much information can be. For example, instead of posting a status like ‘Walking around the Wrentham Outlets. Alone. Text me if you want to join me at xxx-xxx-xxxx,’ they should learn to be more vague, such as ‘Out shopping, text me if you want to join.’ Other impacts are that technology makes kids get engrossed much to technology hence denies them chance to socialize with their peers thus they develop poor social skills.


Hatch, K. E. (2011). Determining the effects of technology on children.

October 25, 2022


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